What Will Guests Remember Most About Your Wedding?

Your wedding is sure to be special if you have a rustic barn, intimate garden or elegant chapel wedding. What makes a wedding truly memorable? It comes down to atmosphere and elements like decor and fleeting moments that unfold beautifully during the day.

The atmosphere is a feeling that floats in the air, invisible but obvious for the whole day. While the first kiss that is passionate and romantic only lasts for seconds.

What Will Guests Remember Most About Your Wedding

For your wedding guests, what they remember most will be different for each individual friend and family member. If you have 100 guests, some will name the ceremony as the highlight while others will remember the performance by the Chicago wedding band after the wedding reception formalities are done as the best part of the day.

We know you want your guests to have an epic time and remember your wedding as fondly as you do. Couples always worry if their loved ones are happy on the wedding day. Don’t worry; they are going to love every second of your best day ever.

Here are the top seven wedding highlights that we hear guests raving about, and it wasn’t the extra tier on the wedding cake or rose-gold cutlery instead of silver.

The Ceremony

The moment the bride appears and everyone turns to see the dress she chose signals the start of the wedding ceremony. As she walks down the aisle, the focus often turns to the groom’s reaction. Emotions of excitement, surprise or tears of joy can go down as one of the most memorable moments of the day. The vow and ring exchange is sentimental and touching, and often there is some laughter as the best man stumbles to find the rings or a cute page boy nearly steals the show.

The Spontaneous and Sentimental Moments

These are the moments during the wedding day that nobody sees coming. You can’t plan these precious happenings that are unique to your big day. We are talking about baby flower girl having a mini tantrum half way down the aisle (its charming and makes everyone smile), the expression on the bride’s face as she sees her grandmother sitting in the front row of the ceremony when she thought she couldn’t make it and the quietest family member busting out some funky moves on the dance floor.

The Food And Drink

When you go to a wedding, you are always looking forward to a special dining experience. Your wedding menu is a time to serve your guests food that is delicious and decadent. It might be fresh, local organic produce, dishes with ingredients that are a delicacy such as scallops or lobster, or you might focus on presentation and have your chef plate up mini works of art for every course.

The bar can’t be forgotten. Keep those drinks flowing all night long, and we love signature cocktails that add a personal touch with a hearty dash of vodka or gin.

The wedding cake is always a highlight. This is a chance to be creative and present a sweet treat that will wow your guests in its appearance as well as taste. The cake is so special it has its own moment and when you cut the cake, you can be sure most guests will have their cameras clicking.

The Venue

When you started the wedding planning process, finding the venue so you could set the date was one of the first steps. Remember the excitement you felt when you found the place. Your guests will feel it too. No doubt they will check it out online, but when they arrive and see it all decorated and styled to fit your wedding theme, they will be totally impressed.

The Decor

When it comes to decor, this can cover a lot, from the signage to the flowers to the lighting and little details like wedding favors and fans.

These days thoughtful decorating is in style, so if you have an inner DIY queen, now is the time for her to shine. Guests will appreciate personal touches, and you don’t need to spend a bomb, for example, on wedding favors to make them stand out. People are also becoming more environmentally aware, so if you want to use vintage, secondhand or recycled decor, it will be noticed. You can find some gorgeous antique mirrors, frames, and other decorations in secondhand or thrift stores.

Florals are always a beautiful feature and a great investment for your wedding decor. Lighting also creates an ambiance that shows beautifully in real life and in the wedding photos and video. Keep it soft and pretty for dinner and blast the fun colors later when everyone is enjoying the music from the Chicago wedding band.

The Dancing

From the romantic first dance to the upbeat “everyone-on-the-dance floor” songs, the dancing is always a highlight of the wedding day. The wedding reception is all about celebrating, and there is no better way to do that than by shaking your groove thing with some great Chicago wedding music.

You need a talented band at your wedding because when you have so many generations with varying music tastes, the song selection and timing are everything. The music needs to slowly rise to bring the celebrating to a peak, then come down again at times when you might want to cut the cake or say some speeches. Chicago wedding music bands are great because they can cover the classics and modern tunes to keep all the guests dancing, and you can have your playlist ready with songs to play between sets.

Time With The Couple

For the couple, you can expect to be surrounded by love, joy, and laughter the whole day. You really don’t get any alone time until the honeymoon. Guests treasure the time they get having in-depth soulful conversations with the newlyweds. At the bar sipping cocktails, and on the dance floor. Reliving the old days when you used to dance until 3 am. It’s a full-on adventure trying to make sure you spend quality time with all your guests. So make sure your wedding day timeline is padded with lots of free time to socialize.

Let’s hope your wedding is memorable for all the right reasons, from the touching vow exchange to the sunset cocktails to the epic dancing that went on until the early hours of the morning. If Uncle Fred gave a super embarrassing speech during dinner, we will also accept that as a memorable moment that hopefully fades soon.

The truth is your wedding day will be overflowing with memorable moments that reflect your love story just perfectly. Some will be intentional and some will be as surprising as the wedding proposal. Finding out what they are will be another layer of loveliness that you have to look forward to.

At David Rothstein Music, we make sure the music is what many of your guests will remember most about your wedding. We are experts at making sure your guests feel the soulful vibes at the ceremony. And feel inspired at cocktail hour and ready to party at the reception.

What will your guests remember the most about your wedding? IT’S THE MUSIC AND HOW MUCH FUN THEY HAD!

Drop us a line to take about your ideas for the music at your wedding.

We can’t wait to hear from you! David@drsmusic.com 773.719.7610

What Will Guests Remember Most About Your Wedding

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