When Your Wedding Plans Include Getting a Side Gig

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Weddings are nearly as old as mankind itself. Weddings are times to celebrate and there are not nearly enough opportunities for that in life so we thrill in those moments when we can. The joy that a wedding brings not only to the couple but to friends and family is priceless.


That is, the joy may be priceless, but the wedding itself most certainly is not. From large to small, no wedding comes without cost, so preparing and saving for it is not only smart but necessary.

Earning Money With a Side-Gig


Earning extra money to cover wedding costs means not having to dip into money that you may be saving to purchase a home, or pay for continuing education. Fortunately, today’s market is filled with side gigs that you can perform around your primary work or school schedule and wedding planning.


You may be surprised at just how many Americans you’ll be joining in the side-gig economy. According to Smarts, nearly one-third of Americans currently work a side job. The opportunities for side-gigs are almost endless, the limits of your imagination being the only barrier.

Side Gig Ideas


Here we offer a few ways for you to make money for your wedding while, hopefully, doing something you enjoy.


  • Lawn Care. The opportunity to be outdoors, get exercise, work early and late in the day, and earn extra money makes lawn care a desirable side-gig. Lawn Care’s average pay is $14 per hour if you’re working for a company. If self-employed, the going rate is $50 per hour.


  • Online tutor or teacher. If you have the knowledge to teach basic learning skills to elementary-age students or help prepare college students for exams, you can earn $30 an hour with video calls right from your laptop.


  • J. If you have some good people skills, enjoy a party and have a few dollars to invest in a sound system and decent speakers, you can work as a DJ on the weekends for weddings and bar mitzvahs or any day of the week for corporate events. You can easily charge $100 an hour for your services.


  • Pet Sitter. According to com, pet sitters earn about $15 per hour, but daily and weekly rates are options as well. While you will need to be attentive to the pet you’re sitting for, much of their time is spent sleeping, which means you have time to spend on your primary job’s tasks, provided that job allows you to work remotely.


Start Your Own Business


Any of the aforementioned jobs can be done by working for a company that specializes in those areas. However, another option is that you can pursue them yourself as your own business owner. The advantage of doing your side-gig for an established company is that they, of course, take on all the responsibilities of managing that business. The benefit of making it your own is that you keep all the money for yourself.


Making the business your own also means having to take on all the tasks necessary to be compliant and profitable. Do a thorough search to be sure the name you choose isn’t already one in use. You’ll need a business plan strategy that sets out your goals and how you intend to achieve them. Understanding what business structure works best for your situation is essential to making sure you’re compliant with all the local and federal business laws.


Without marketing, you’ll have no business, but you don’t want to spend everything you make trying to buy ads all over town. With its billions of users, Facebook advertisements are a great way to spread the word about your services. You can design your own ads using a Facebook ads maker which you can customize to include your own logo, branding, fonts, and colors. This will help you create your Facebook ad and make it look professional and eye-catching.


Working a side-gig to earn money for your wedding can have an added bonus. You may just find that, in addition to finding the love of your life, you’ve found your dream career too!


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