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VENDOR TIP: I just bought a new car. During this process I learned a lot about cars and desire. Why did I end up buying the car I did? Before I started looking I had a clear idea of the type of car and features I wanted. I did my homework on line for several cars that fit my vision. I test drove each car and became aware of how I felt as I learned more about the car. “How does this car make me feel?” Features were nice, but I wanted benefits. Quality is something that just feels right. You know it when you see it. Think with your heart and feel with your brain.

Our Chicago Wedding Band Packs Your Dance Floor!
Welcome to David Rothstein Music. We’re the most complete music company in Chicago. We’ll play the perfect music for your ceremony, cocktails, dinner and dancing. You’ll get dozens of free upgrades to make your wedding organized, authentic and incredibly fun. We have over 20 years of thrilling couples just like you. With our separate MC, we’ll handle all your announcements and work with all your vendors, so you can relax and enjoy your big day! Everything we do is 100% customized around your personality and what makes you unique. We Celebrate You!

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