4 Reasons to Play Music During Your Engagement Session

Engagement Session

It can sometimes be nerve-racking to have your professional engagement photos taken. With jitters, you may end up not posing properly or looking your best in front of the camera. This is why there are various reasons to play music during your engagement session — whether it’s to loosen up or energize the set.

4 Reasons to Play Music During Your Engagement Session

Music is a huge part of weddings, and it can also enhance other experiences leading up to your nuptials. Whether it’s to encourage genuine reactions, set the vibe of your themed shoot, or boost the team’s productivity, playing music during your engagement session can improve and make the shoot more memorable.

Get Raw Emotions

It can sometimes be difficult to relax when everyone’s looking at you – remember, this might be your client’s first time in front of the camera! Your jaw feels tense, hands too rigid, and movements look awkward. Playing music can help your couple loosen up the tight muscles and drop any inhibitions.


If you’re worried about not being able to get your couple to laugh genuinely, play some upbeat songs! If you need them looking more sentimental, you can try playing more intimate, melodramatic tunes.


As a tip, prior to the session, ask them what their favorite type of music is! This is one of the best ways to help them feel comfortable. Plus, they might even forget there’s a camera pointing at them and focus more on one another instead. They can then easily get lost in the moment, which makes your poses look more candid and natural.

Learn Your Couples’ Personality

If this is the first time your client is meeting you, chances are they’ll be a bit reserved. Sometimes, it can take more than half the session to really get the couple to show their true personality. When people hear music they know, it instantly becomes something they are familiar and comfortable with, which can allow them to become more at ease.


When couples let down their guard, you can then truly get to know them, their personalities, and what type of music they enjoy. As you listen to the music together, you can even recommend DJs or bands that play similar music for their wedding reception.

Set the Mood

It feels too dull when all you can hear are the shutter clicks, sounds of props, unending instructions, or silence from the set. You may not even feel in the mood to do the shoot! This is where music comes into play.


The intensity or loudness of songs can either make or break the photoshoot’s mood. Slower tempos are often associated with soft, sadder songs, while faster tempos come from loud, high-energy music.


Songs with a higher pitch can encourage you and the team to feel more carefree, light, or happy. However, that doesn’t mean slow music can make everyone feel sad. There are songs that can make you calm or think of happy thoughts because of the lyrics.


If you want to get romantic photos, a great way to do that is by asking the couple to slow dance to a song that’s meaningful to them. Before you start playing the music, let them know that throughout the song, they should just focus on one another and can kiss at any point.


Then, let them dance together for the whole song. These 3-4 minutes of having an intimate moment together can create photos that are both romantic and completely unposed.

Encourage Positive Energy and Productivity

It’s reasonable to be anxious during an engagement session. A study shows that when people anticipate or listen to music that gives them the chills, the brain releases and rewards the body with the happy chemical called dopamine.

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Whether you want to play love songs or jive with party tunes, listening to music can get everyone in high spirits. The more positive energy, the better the images will come out!


Photoshoots don’t have to be serious all time. With the beauty of music, you can make your engagement session livelier, and consequently, achieve the photos you truly want. Get everyone groovin’ and feelin’ using your favorite tunes, and you can turn a simple shoot into an unforgettable moment.

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