What Will Your Guests Really Remember About Your Wedding?

There is an endless supply of decisions to make for your wedding, some big and some small. It’s important to start with the basic idea of what your guests will remember about your wedding. The best way to answer the question is to think back about weddings you’ve attended. What do you really remember the most about them? Was it the quality of the stationery for the invitation? Was it the flowers or the coconut shrimp during the cocktail hour? What you very likely remember the most about someone’s wedding is how you felt the next morning. Was it fun? Did you feel involved? Did you feel appreciated? Did you feel the wedding was authentic for that couple? That’s what your guests will remember.


When you have a great Chicago Wedding Band that will take care of all of the music for the ceremony and reception, you’ve got the best chance of having a memorable wedding. A great Chicago Wedding Band will be able to deliver beautiful music for the ceremony, a packed dancefloor that includes all of your guests. A truly outstanding band will be able to add lots of personal touches to make sure that the schedule and the music are truly perfect for that specific couple. That’s what our music company is all about. When making decisions for your wedding, start with the most important vendors that will impact your wedding the most. The venue, caterers, and music are certainly the biggest choices. If you have a spectacular venue and food but an average or poor quality band, the overall success of your wedding will go down dramatically. So, a wedding band that initially seems cheaper will end up being far more expensive because all of the money you’ve spent on the venue, flowers, food, and décor will be quickly forgotten when people don’t have fun at your wedding.


Great Chicago Wedding Bands will protect what will be the best investment. Lower quality bands will be your biggest expense. Make sure you invest in a music company that’s going to impact your wedding and make the fun that your guests have what they will remember the most.