4 Time-Sensitive Tasks You Must Lock Down Before Saying “I Do” In Chicago


Congratulations! You’re ready to start planning your Chicago wedding. Given the stressful nature of wedding planning and the variety of vendors in the windy city, you may be unsure where to begin. Fortunately, when it comes to wedding planning, there are some aspects of the big day that absolutely cannot be left out of the celebration. For example, the bridal gown, the music for the reception, the food you’ll serve to your guests, and the photographer are typically necessary at any wedding, so it’s best to start there.


If you want to make sure you’ve got everything locked down well in advance of your special day, we’ve outlined the four major tasks you need to accomplish to plan out your perfect wedding day.


  1. Hire A Band


Perhaps one of the central aspects of your wedding celebration will be the music accompanying your ceremony and reception. Rather than spending hours of your time trying to put together the perfect playlist, or relying on a DJ to pick the music for you, a live band provides a grander sense of entertainment and celebration than any other music source can.


When looking for a Chicago wedding band, you’ll want to find professional musicians who are completely on board with the mood of the day. Whether that be a wild and raucous party filled with upbeat music for dancing and carrying on, or a more formal, elegant evening with slow romantic music to create a sense of intimacy, you should communicate this with your band. Luckily, with one of the best wedding bands in Chicago, you’re sure to find a musical group that will perfectly match the ambiance of your particular wedding ceremony and/or reception.


Booking a live band for your wedding not only creates an exciting and engaging experience for your guests, but it also allows you to fully customize the music and entertainment you want for your day. No matter if you have live music during the ceremony as you walk down the aisle, or during the reception, the beauty and drama of live music simply cannot be replaced. Try to schedule your musical entertainment of choice shortly after you secure the venue to ensure that you and your guests will have a special reception experience.


  1. Finalize Your Attire


For many brides, shopping for the dress of their dreams will be their first priority when it comes to wedding planning. Finding your ensemble for the big day, complete with comfortable undergarments and accessories can certainly take time, so getting a head start on this pursuit will be best.


You may think that once you’ve found the perfect gown, or maybe even the prettiest shoes or veil, that there’s nothing else you need to prepare for as far as your wedding day attire is concerned. Don’t forget the often forgotten items that you should have ready to wear on your big day, starting with what you wear underneath your dress.


The undergarments you choose to wear on your wedding day are going to play a large role in your overall enjoyment. You won’t want to wear underwear that are either uncomfortable, show through your dress, or simply won’t stay in place throughout the day. A solution to this concern is a high-waisted thong that will both stay in place, and be practically invisible underneath your gown. After all that planning and preparation for your wedding, having panty lines present in any of your photos and videos of the big day would surely ruin the memories, so going with a fool proof option for undergarments is your best bet.


  1. Book A Photographer


Once you’ve found all of the garments you need to look and feel your best on the day of your wedding, now is the time to find a talented photographer who will capture you while you look your absolute best. The photographs taken on this special day will serve as one of the only ways to remember the irreplaceable memories that take place at your wedding.


You’ll find that it is well worth your time to do your research to find the most qualified photography professional for your wedding day. First, start by asking any friends or loved ones who have previously gotten married if they have any recommendations. Next, figure out which photographers in your area fit within your budget. When it comes to photography, there are a variety of packages available to fit almost any price range.


Finally, decide what wedding photography style you want for your day. From candid, to artistic, to true-to-life, you can choose to have your wedding celebration captured in almost any style you’d like. Once you’ve gathered all of the relevant information to make your decision, be sure to book your chosen photographer as soon as possible. Wedding photographers are high in demand, so making sure you lock down your top choice well in advance of the big day will be crucial.


  1. Decide The Menu


Finally, one of the most important services you’ll need to book well in advance prior to the ceremony and reception is the food supply for your wedding. Whether you choose a catering service, go with the food your venue can supply, or go a more modern route with   (or even home made dishes for smaller celebrations), knowing exactly what the food situation will be is an essential part of the planning process.


While some of the other aspects of wedding planning can be a bit stressful, planning the menu for your wedding can actually be quite fun. In most cases, you’ll get to sample the food items you’ll be serving, or you’ll get to test some of your favorite family recipes if you take a home-cooked approach. The important thing is that you pick a menu full of your favorite foods, while still appealing to the tastes and dietary needs of your guests. Preparing the menu well in advance of your celebration will help take a little bit of the decision making off your plate (pun intended) while you work out the smaller details leading up to your wedding day.


When it comes to planning your wedding celebration in Chicago, be sure to cover the four main bases far in advance of your wedding day. This way, in the months and weeks leading up to your wedding, you can enjoy pre marital bliss with your partner while you excitedly anticipate all of the fun to come on your big day.

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