The Top 10 Easy Wedding planning Tips

At David Rothstein Music, we love sharing our wedding industry knowledge about Chicago wedding music, entertainment, and how to make the wedding day run smoothly.


So here are ten easy wedding planning tips, including the planning stages and the actual wedding day. Some ideas relate to logistics and others to emotional aspects, and many have led to success for many of our couples who hosted a Chicago wedding.


1: Look After Yourselves Leading Up To The Wedding

Most brides and grooms say they have never been so busy in their lives. With wedding planning, working, socializing and other commitments, it can be hard to introduce new fitness, beauty, and relaxation routines. Try to make time for working out, spa treatments, and unwinding so your physical and mental health is on the form on the wedding day.


2: Delegate Tasks for the wedding 

Asking for assistance with the little jobs will free up some of your time. Yet you will still have a billion things to do before the wedding. There are tasks that only you can do. That includes choosing the ceremony music or designing the dinner seating plan. But jobs like organizing the welcome dinner and buying wedding favors can be done by your bridesmaids or close family members. It also makes people feel special when you ask for help.


3: Find The Best Vendors for wedding

Professional vendors who offer a quality service that goes above and beyond your expectations are the key to a successful wedding. At David Rothstein Music, we handle ceremony and reception music, including band, DJ and MC services. Our expertise comes with knowing how to match the right musicians to the occasion, music selection, technical talent, and understanding how important timing is, from the flower girl walking down the aisle to the last dance of the night is epic.


We’ve also seen couples hire vendors that aren’t experienced or are the wrong match. We are lucky to work with the best in the business, so feel free to ask for any recommendations.

Avalon Orchestra performing

4: Have A Detailed Timeline

The wedding day schedule should be a detailed document for yourselves, your venue, vendors, and the bridal party. So everyone knows what to do and when to do it. At David Rothstein Music, we prepare a precise timeline on our side. We work with each couple or their venue or wedding planner to coordinate all the timings perfectly.


5: Have Backup Plans

It’s always a great idea to have a plan B to fall back on or even a plan C for your Chicago wedding. A strong backup venue in case of bad weather comes to mind first and should be identified before you pay a deposit to lock in the date. Is the backup venue functional and pretty enough in case you need to use it? Are there extra costs involved?


Wedding insurance is highly recommended in case you, the venue or vendors need to change the date or cancel or if anything gets damaged on the day. Look for a wedding insurance policy that includes Covid coverage.


While you hopefully won’t need these plans, knowing they exist will give you peace of mind to enjoy the day without worry.


6: Hire A Wedding Planner 

Besides giving styling, planning, decorating, and budgeting advice, a wedding planner is a great investment that can help save you time and money and reduce stress. A wedding planner can also save the day and is sort of like having wedding insurance. Knowing a professional planner is there to ensure the day goes smoothly and troubleshoot any issues is a blessing that many couples later realize was a wise move.


If your venue has a great event planner or you are an organized DIY ninja bride, you might consider an on-the-day coordinator.


7: Provide Transportation For Special Guests

Offering transportation for has many advantages. It can be entertaining if you hire a fun mode of transport such as a wedding trolley, bus or limo. It also lets guests enjoy drinks without worrying about driving home or finding a taxi at the end of the night.


8: Let A Pro Emcee

A professional MC takes care of the greetings, intros and announcements on your wedding day. David Rothstein Music provides one as part of the service so you can celebrate and dance. We coordinate with vendors, let you know when it’s nearly time to cut the cake or do the first dance and make sure the band is free to focus on their stellar performance. Our complimentary MC service is effortless, smooth and professional.

9: Invest In Quality Sound And Lighting for your wedding planning

When you start planning, you should prioritize every single item to help with budgeting. For some couples, elaborate florals are much more important than the food and drink. Others place a high emphasis on having the best Chicago wedding music or an exclusive venue.


We understand that every couple has different priorities but always recommend investing generously with quality sound and lighting.


For the sound and lighting, it can make or break the day. From the classical duo performing at the ceremony to the jazz trio entertaining guests at cocktail hour to the awesome band that rocks everyone on the dance floor at the reception, you need the best sound and lighting package.


We provide state-of-the-art equipment that is controlled by our staff for the entire event. All bands come with stage lighting, and we can provide beautiful uplighting for your venue too.


Your photography and video team will also be doing a happy dance to know the lighting is lovely.  The sound quality will be great for the audio including exchanging your vows, the entertainers singing and playing and for important moments like speeches.


It’s lovely to have imported flowers, a designer wedding gown, and fancy cocktails. But it’s not nice to have great sound and lighting – it’s essential!


10: Relax And Enjoy The Day

Finally, it is important to relax and enjoy every moment of the wedding day, which goes by in a blur. Weddings come with natural stress, but you should let it turn into excitement and joy, not anxiety or worry. There is no point in worrying about what might go wrong because, with most weddings, there is a bump here and there. At the end of the day, you will be holding hands and spinning around blissfully on the dance floor. It will be the perfect day!


We hope you can adopt some of these wedding planning tips to help improve your wedding. With lots of wedding planning, mindfulness and support from a professional dream team, the day will unfold beautifully. Your friends and family will be impressed with how the day played and it will create great memories!


Contact David Rothstein Music today for a quote on your Chicago wedding music. We can’t wait to talk to you!



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The Top 10 Easy Wedding planning Tips

At David Rothstein Music, we love sharing our wedding industry knowledge about Chicago wedding music, entertainment, and how to make the wedding day run smoothly.


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