What Can You Learn from Your Friend’s Wedding?

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What Can You Learn from Your Friend’s Wedding?

Especially in the summer months, your Instagram feed is probably dominated by wedding photos. You see your friends posing as bridesmaids, that girl you don’t remember meeting catching a bouquet at her sister’s wedding, your old flame from high school with their new stud husband, and you probably have a few weddings on your calendar to attend yourself as well.

So what are some things you can learn from attending your friends’ weddings, no matter how close you are with them? Here are some things to keep in mind so that all those beautiful, exciting, and maybe even awkward weddings you attend this summer can be informative too!

The people in attendance matter, too! Have you ever been to a wedding that seems like the most beautiful ceremony and celebration for the couple, but a little painful for everyone else? Paying attention to the comfort of your guests is important if they’re going to remember it as fondly as you’d like them to.

This means making sure you accommodate your older guests, have backup plans for weather if it’s an outdoor wedding, and choose music everyone can enjoy, not just the couple. Hiring a great Chicago wedding band can go a long way to making sure everyone at your wedding has a great time!

Grumbling at a wedding is rude, but you might as well learn from it! Guests at weddings all of sudden turn from kind to critic all the time! While, yes, it can be annoying when someone’s uncle is complaining about the flower selection, color scheme or DJ, it’s also good to learn what kinds of things people actually notice when they attend a wedding. Even if it’s clear someone is just being grumpy or jealous, you can think about how you might do things differently to keep things positive and exciting at your wedding.

Learn how to deal with these pesky amateur critics by tuning out the comments that don’t matter—some people are just judgmental, but that shouldn’t stand in the way of you having the wedding you want.

Open bars are great for guests, but be smart! Everyone loves an open bar at a wedding, but sometimes we all go a little too hard. Keep this in mind for your own wedding by making sure things don’t get a little too boozy. Signature cocktails and complimentary wine are always a wonderful touch, but don’t feel like the night needs to turn into a party too quickly. Let your guests get there, and help them know their limitations by making sure you are offering plenty of water and provide enough food so everyone can celebrate safely. Also keep in mind some of your guests might not drink, so have some fun options for your sober friends and family as well!

Hopefully some of these tips will help you survive wedding season with some good insights. Celebrating your friends is always fun, and you can learn from it as well! Keep in mind what works well and what doesn’t as you attend all these beautiful Summer weddings—you might pick up some good tips for your own!


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