15 Qualities of Top Wedding Vendors

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15 Qualities of Top Wedding Vendors


Based on my last 20 years of working as a bandleader in one of the busiest Chicago wedding bands with a wide variety of wedding vendors, I’ve compiled this list of some qualities I’ve noticed in all the top wedding vendors throughout the nation.


1. EDUCATED – A great vendor will have taken the time to learn and master their craft. They’ve invested in their knowledge, and continue to take classes, seminars, watch videos and read books. Their goal is to continue evolving and constantly learn new things.


2. RESPONSIBLE – Great vendors take pride in keeping their word not only to their employees, but also to their clients. They make sure to pay every employee on time and consistently.


3. PROMPT – The wedding professional will arrive early to every meeting and wedding, and will demand the same from each of their employees.


4. DRESSED – It is important that each vendor dresses professionally from head-to-toe for each event. It doesn’t matter the size of the event, large or small.


5. ETHICAL – The best vendors will always do the right thing by their clients as well as for their employees, even if it costs the company money to do so.


6. HUMILITY – No matter how many awards they’ve won or how many celebrities they’ve worked with, great vendors are only concerned with the wedding they are currently preparing for.


7. COMPASSIONATE LISTENERS – A great vendor always listens to the specific needs of their clients. They answer their questions fully and honestly based on their experience, always keeping in mind that brides and grooms haven’t purchased these kinds of services before. They go above and beyond to make their clients’ visions come true based on taking the time and attention to be compassionate listeners.


8. ORGANIZED – They are able to respond to clients and fellow vendors quickly and completely with all the information they are requesting. Every detail of each conversation by email or phone is accounted for. All documents are quickly accessible, and all emails or calls are returned within 24 hours.


9. TEAMWORK – Professionals work well with other vendors to help them get the best results for the clients. They are flexible to changing circumstances at the events, and leave their egos at home.


10. RESPECT – Great vendors have respect for the rules of the venue, and for the specific needs of their clients and employees. They know that the best way to be respected is to give respect first. They’ll follow the ‘golden rule,’ to always treat others how you want to be treated.


11. GREAT ATTITUDE – Super vendors always approach each wedding with positive, helpful enthusiasm. They expect it to be a great night!


12. OPEN MINDED – Top wedding professionals are open to new ways of communicating, such as Facebook, Twitter and texting. There’s no room for stubbornness when working with modern clients and vendors. Top vendors have to be willing to adapt.


13. PASSION – Great vendors love what they do, and it shows in their work. Their clients and their guests can feel it. Their employees all share that same level of enthusiasm and dedication to doing the best job possible.


14. Constant Improving – The best vendors are always looking for ways to improve the quality of their work. They are never satisfied with where they are, and are always focused on where they want to be.


15. DETAILS- The best professionals realize that every detail can make a huge difference in making an event spectacular. They’ll take a detailed approach, rather than just doing the job.


These are a few of the qualities I’ve noticed in top wedding vendors in my 20 years of experience. Hopefully you’ll find these tips helpful!


For more information on David Rothstein and his 20 years of experience with the top Chicago wedding band, click here.

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