5 reasons a wedding band is better than a DJ

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When planning a wedding, the question every couple asks themselves is “Should we book a band or a DJ?” A lot more goes into this question than you might think. Both create different atmospheres, but you’ll probably find that a wedding band is a better choice. The folks at David Rothstein Music have compiled this list of reasons why a wedding band is better than a DJ:

1. Talent


It takes talent to be a DJ. Creating the perfect mashup of songs and original beats is no simple task. Hearing an upbeat dance track is fun, but the NOTHING compares to hearing a beautiful voice live. That’s raw talent. David Rothstein Music has some of the most talented singers and musicians in the Midwest. They’ve worked with legends such as Quincy Jones, Celine Dion, Mariah Carey, Aretha Franklin and many more. Once you hear them, you’ll never regret booking a live band.

2. Diverse range of music


The right wedding band can play any song you want for your wedding, just give them time to prepare. Talk to the company a few months in advance about the special requests you have, with the right prep time the band can learn a variety of songs.

For instance, the groom has an Irish heritage and wants to play some traditional folk music at the reception. A DJ can definitely look up some Irish music to play, but it will not compare to a band.

The talent at David Rothstein Music has played a wide range of music from Polish songs to the latest chart topping hits. Imagine everyone at the reception freaking out because the band starts playing “The Boys of the Old Brigade”, an ol’ time Irish classic. Could a DJ give you that?

3. More memorable


The energy at the reception is one thing you will remember most at your wedding. A DJ will get people moving with a hot dance track, but he or she probably won’t be able to keep that energy in the room from start to finish.

Here’s the thing, if a DJ just plays a top 40 song people have heard before they won’t remember the experience of it at the reception. However, a talented singer and band covering that song is different. The killer vocalists and musicians of David Rothstein Music will definitely leave a lasting impression on you and your guests.

4. The MC knows how to work a room

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Every wedding has different kinds of guests. Maybe your family is loud and energetic and getting them on the dancefloor won’t be a problem, but suppose most of your guests aren’t the dancing type. A DJ is too busy messing with his or her laptop to be able to get people up.

Professional MCs, like the ones at David Rothstein Music have worked hundreds of weddings, so they’ve seen every type of crowd. If the guest are already energetic, the MC will feed of that energy and turn it up even more. 

Nothing is worse than a wedding where no one is dancing. You can cut the awkward tension with a knife. If you have a wedding band and MC, there’s no need to worry. It’s their job to get people moving, and he or she will not disappoint.

5. Music for not just dancing


Sure, a DJ knows how to work a dance floor, but what about the times during your reception when people are meant to dance? Are you going to settle for the awkward quiet? There are moments at a wedding reception that call for music, even though no one is meant to dance.

For example, when people are eating dinner, a little music adds to the overall experience. The band’s guitarist or pianist can play a soft acoustic set that’s perfect for a mellow dining environment. A DJ probably won’t be able to create the toned down mood you want for dinner, and that means eating in silence. If the only thing people hear during dinner is the sound of silverware on plates, that’s a problem.


Check out drsmusic.com for more wedding tips and info!

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