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Budgets are hard to manage, and there may not be any budget harder to manage than a wedding one. It’s all about compromise. You’ve dreamed about your wedding since you were young, and now is the time to make it a reality. The problem is your wallet may not be able to cover everything. This leads to you seeking out friends to fill in the as vendors, but that is not always a good idea.

The folks at David Rothstein Music have compiled this list of why friends don’t let friends be their wedding vendors:

1. Vendors have experience dealing with problems


Wedding vendors have worked hundreds of weddings, it’s their job! They know what to expect during the planning process and on the big day. For example, you ask your best friend to plan your wedding, but he or she has never planned anything bigger than a work birthday party. Your friend probably won’t know how to handle any unexpected problems. A professional wedding planner has seen it all, so he or she will know what to do.

For instance, the florist has to cancel on you one month before the wedding. Your best friend will be flustered and will not know what to do. Wedding planners have connections to several florists, so they can fix this problem ASAP.

2. Vendors follow guidelines

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There is no rulebook on the food you serve at your wedding, it’s a private affair. But to assure safety, professional caterers follow health guidelines. These involve everything from storing and serving the food at proper temperatures to preparations. If you hire a friend or family member who is just a good cook to cater your wedding, then there is no guarantee he or she will follow standard safety practices. Your friend probably doesn’t even know them.

A vendor who knows proper food safety practices will ensure that no contaminations occur. Imagine people getting food poisoning at your wedding…. Awkward.

3. Professionals know how to work a room


Let’s say you try to save money on a wedding band or DJ, so you hire your friend. But has your friend ever worked a wedding? Professional bands, DJs and MCs know how to set the tone for whatever is happening whether it be the bridal entrance, dinner or a speech.

If you friend is simply playing songs from a selected playlist, then the environment won’t be as memorable/meaningful. Let the professionals be in charge of the music, you won’t regret it.


4. Artistic skills


One vendor position that is typically taken on by the friend is the photographer/videographer. Here is the problem, just because your friend has a nice camera, doesn’t mean he or she can create beautiful wedding photos.

A professional photographer/videographer has the artistic talent to create gorgeous photos that you’ll treasure forever. Your photos will be the snapshot of your wedding that’ll bring you back to one of the best days of your life every time you look at it. Don’t hire your friend just because they take photos for a hobby. Get a professional and you’re guaranteed some amazing photos/videos.

5. You want your friends to ENJOY your wedding


This is the simplest reason, you want your best friends to have fun at your wedding, not work during it. If your friend is too busy serving food, taking photos or DJing, then you won’t be able to spend time with them.

Your wedding is a time to celebrate with friends and family, so it’s best to hire professional vendors and not your friends to ensure everyone has a good time.

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