7 tips for picking out a venue

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Booking a venue is one of the most important parts of the wedding planning process. Once you have the location booked, it really helps you visualize your big day. The folks at David Rothstein Music have created this list of tips for couple picking out a wedding venue, enjoy!

Consider the number of guests coming to your wedding

This one may seem a bit obvious, but it is important. Too many people in a small location is a safety hazard waiting to happen, and a small amount of people in a large location is a waste of space. Say you have your heart set on a small church for the ceremony, but you have around 250 planning to attend. Make sure the number of guests can comfortably attend the ceremony and reception, so they won’t be cramped into a small room.

Traffic and driving conditions

A local wedding will probably mean that many guests will know their way to the venue, but don’t forget to take the out-of-towners driving there into account. Sure, they can use GPS and smartphone technology to find their way, but having directions on your wedding website to the location is advised. This way guests can plan out their trips beforehand. You can also include information about traffic, construction and anything else relevant.



Weather is a big factor when it comes to wedding venues, especially for outdoor ceremonies. Booking your venue is something you do months in advance, so you cannot get an accurate prediction on the weather. To be safe, rent some tents to cover the guests just in case it rains. It may seem odd to put a deposit down on a tent you may not use, but you’ll be happy when you and your guests stay dry.

Visit the venue more than once

Say you first visited a potential venue at 11 AM, but you plan on having an afternoon/night ceremony. Everything seemed perfect in the AM, but pay another visit to the place at the time your event will take place. This way, you’ll get a better feel of what the mood will be like at your wedding.

Check out the music accommodations

Whether you are having a DJ or a whole live band perform at your reception. It is important to talk to the venue about setup. This is because you do not want a full band to show up and find that there isn’t enough accommodations for their equipment. This problem has an easy fix. Talk to the band/DJ and find out everything they need at a location to be able to perform, and make sure the venue has everything required.


Know the difference between a full service and not full service venue

A full service venue will include tables, chairs, catering supplies and other materials in the rental. A non-full service venue will typically just offer the space and you have to do the rest.
When you are working with the venue-required vendors, it may throw your budget off. This is because you do not have the opportunity to look around at other options that meet your budget.

Read reviews of past experiences

Look at the venue’s website and check out its photos. A good wedding venue will have photos of recent receptions on its website. Make sure you can see the room is looking energetic and fun in every photo. Read previous reviews of the place online too, and see what past couples who’ve rented the venue have to say.

For more wedding tips and info, check out drsmusic.com!

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