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An engagement all starts with the proposal. There are a number of ways people have proposed over the years. A romantic walk on the beach, a quiet dinner where you find a ring in a glass of champagne or on the top of a skyscraper are some standard proposal methods. If you chose to do something a bit different, more power to you. Just remember there is a fine line between being unique and being–well, awkward.

The folks at David Rothstein Music have put this list together of some of the weirdest and most unique ways people have proposed:

Tweeting a proposal

DJ deadmau5 proposed to tattoo artist Kat Von D via tweet in December 2012. The DJ tweeted out his love for Kat Von D and she later accepted with a reply. Here a screen grabs of the tweets:

deadmau5 proposal tweet

kat von d tweet

I guess you only need 140 characters to say you love someone.


With a shower curtain

shower curtain

That is definitely something that will wake you up when walking into your bathroom in the morning.

At a mall food court

“We met one year ago, right in front of this Cinnabon.”

Spoiler alert: The girl says no

A ring in a McChicken


I’m lovin’ it?

During high tide

high tide

If you’re proposing on a beach, make sure to check the weather forecast first

Flash mobs

flash mob

Flash mobs were a cool thing a couple of years but now they are a bit cliché. If you are out in public and you hear “Marry You” by Bruno Mars or “A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri start playing, turn and run in the other direction


Now that we’ve talked about some awkward proposals let’s discuss some original and interesting ones.


Out in Nature


Imagine holding hands with the one you love while on a walk in the forest, and you see this? It’s different but sweet. You are most likely alone with your partner, so it is a special moment the two of you will share and remember forever.

On a roller coaster

log ride

Proposing in the middle of a crowd at Disneyland probably isn’t the best idea. Especially if your partner doesn’t want people staring at you guys. Check out how this guy proposed to his girlfriend at a theme park below. It’s cute and a good way to incorporate some friends into the proposal.

Personalized ice cream

ben and jerrys

Do you and your love share a sweet tooth? Why not try to merge your love for ice cream with your marriage proposal. A Virginia couple loved Ben & Jerry’s so much they got a personalized flavor for their big day. A one-of-a-kind pint of ice cream is much more romantic than sticking a ring in a tub of ice cream. Please don’t do that, I beg you.

With science!


This guy and his fiancé are both biologists, so he decided to incorporate their line of work into the proposal. He used his polymerase chain reaction products ask the big question, and his girlfriend got quite the surprise when she imaged the electrophoresis gel. He then said a real proposal came immediately after.

Whether you want your proposal to be different from any other is up to you. Just remember the most important thing: the proposal is the start of your engagement. Focus on the moment and the love you share with your partner. You two will remember this for the right of your lives and the most special thing about it will be the love that you two share.

the proposal

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