My name is Heather Parker and I am a Chicago wedding photographer happy to share of the best spots around Chicago for engagement photos. I have been thinking about the best spots for engagement photos in Chicago and I’ve realized this: there isn’t one right place for engagement photos, because there isn’t one right place that sums up what you are like as a couple. And ultimately, that is what engagement photos are all about – showing off what your days together are like and how you fill your lives together.


There are, however, locations that lend themselves well to showing off our great city, urban sophistication and even some natural beauty. As a Chicago wedding photographer who has documented hundreds of couples over the years, here are some of my favorite spots around Chicago. This list is a great starting point to finding the best place to tell your story. In the end, the best location is the one the two of you choose! Here are some examples from Heather Parker Photography that are sure to give you a great start at planning for your session.




1. BEST SPOTS FOR ENGAGEMENT PHOTOS: I’m going to start with the world-famous Chicago skyline. Sure, it’s been done before but I could photograph 1,000 engagement sessions at this stunning spot and never tire of it! There are three spots I love for a skyline shot: North Avenue Beach, Museum Campus, and the bridge over the South Pond in Lincoln Park.


2. BEST SPOTS FOR ENGAGEMENT PHOTOS: The honeycomb structure at the Lincoln Park Nature Boardwalk is a big hit with engaged couples and the small permit fee is a great investment for how interesting this spot is.

3. BEST SPOTS FOR ENGAGEMENT PHOTOS: The beauty of Lake Michigan draws locals and tourists and it’s no wonder so many Chicago couples love such a beautiful backdrop for these special photos.

4. BEST SPOTS FOR ENGAGEMENT PHOTOS: Sometimes outdoor scenery isn’t always needed to create unique photos that commemorate this fun chapter of your life. Whether you choose to go casual and get photos inside your home or glam it up at a dive bar, the right photographer can help make some magic! This couple decided to relive their first date at Fireside Bowl

5. BEST SPOTS FOR ENGAGEMENT PHOTOS: A city park is a great idea because whether its summer, winter, cloudy or sunny, nature is always so pretty.

6. BEST SPOTS FOR ENGAGEMENT PHOTOS: Sometimes you don’t have to go far to get an adorable photo. Scheduling your engagement photos right at home not only is convenient, it allows your pet to be a part of your session and if you ever move away together, you’ll have a visual keepsake of one of the first places you lived together.

7. BEST SPOTS FOR ENGAGEMENT PHOTOS: Who doesn’t love a farmers market? With so many colors and textures, you can cozy up to your sweetie and get some fabulous shots. Various websites will begin to list farmers market schedules around Chicago beginning in mid-Spring.

8. BEST SPOTS FOR ENGAGEMENT PHOTOS: Lincoln Park has a hidden garden that’s not only a Chicago Landmark, but also on the National Register of Historic Places. The Alfred Caldwell Lily Pool has stunning Prairie-style stonework, a peaceful waterfall and unrivaled landscape architecture. While this spot requires a permit, many couples choose this romantic spot for its privacy and beauty.

9. BEST SPOTS FOR ENGAGEMENT PHOTOS: I love when couples bring creative ideas to the table. Requesting your engagement session to be in your favorite cafe is adorable.

10. BEST SPOTS FOR ENGAGEMENT PHOTOS: I often ask Chicago couples what they like to do on the weekend or after work. Bringing a small picnic to a nearby park is an answer I’ve heard a few times, and it’s such a fun idea.

While many couples who haven’t stepped in front of a camera may find that an engagement session can feel overwhelming, take a deep breath and go with what you’re comfortable with! The best wedding photographers here in Chicago will be able to help you look and feel comfortable, and with a meaningful backdrop, you will soon have an amazing set of engagement photos!


All photos are by Heather Parker Photography