How to Save Throughout Your Engagement


While there are many ways to save money during your wedding planning, you should consider all the money that gets spent leading up to the big day. By optimizing your penny-pinching, you might be able to put some of your pre-wedding savings toward your wedding. Check out these tips to making your money last longer by saving all throughout your engagement!


At-home Celebrations

Your engagement party and your bridal shower don’t have to be at an expensive venue to be photo-worthy and notable celebrations. It would cost a lot less to nicely decorate your or your parents’ home to host the events then it would be to rent out venues for the parties. Hosting a bridal shower at home also opens up the possibility of avoiding the cost of catering as you can call on a few close friends and family to contribute a dish to serve.


Secondhand Party Wardrobe

Many brides-to-be go out and buy a few white outfits to wear to their pre-wedding celebrations. Consider secondhand alternatives to save yourself from having to buy new clothes. Chances are, you may know a bride who might be willing to let you shop from her closet to help you keep costs down. If you’re looking for something a little more your own style or if you need a different size, you could always try your hand at a thrift store. This is a sure-fire way to keep costs low and still get the perfect outfits you’ll need leading up to your big day.


Alternative and Unique Bridesmaids Gifts

It’s becoming more and more popular to give your best girls a gift upon asking them to be in your wedding. Whether you plan on popping the question with a gift or waiting until closer to the wedding, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get them each something that would make them feel special. One of the most useful gifts you can give your bridesmaids is a handbag they can use the day of the wedding. Not only does this help you keep your vision for their wedding-day looks, but investing in a well-known quality handbag from a brand like Coach will allow them to continue to get use from your gift long after the wedding is over. This might seem like a costly gift, but by shopping for unique thrifted Coach styles you can get each one of your bridesmaids the perfect bag for their personality, for a fraction of the cost!


Destination Bachelorette?

While it is certainly becoming the trend to plan a whole weekend get-away, if you are looking to save money, think about the costs associated with such an ordeal. Just because you chose to stay local doesn’t mean you can’t have a whole weekend of festivities. A staycation in your area means you take advantage of either much lower rental prices because you’re not booking in a tourist destination, or everyone can save on costs by sleeping in their own home. You can plan a day long bar crawl, or a wine tour followed by a group dinner. Then on Sunday, you can button up the festivities by meeting up for or hosting a brunch.

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