Quick Wedding Tips

Quick Wedding Tips by David Rothstein Our Chicago wedding band loves to give you insights to give you the best results Bridal PARTY!! Your Bridal party can help keep your wedding roaring. They are your parents, best friends, brothers and sisters. Make sure they understand they are also leaders of your wedding. Your guests will […]

Top 10 Regrets Couples Have About Their Wedding

Planning a wedding and your wedding day itself is a LOT to handle. Many couples have trouble dealing with all the different aspects of throwing this affair. You may be so focused on food that you forgot to plan the music. The old saying is true: Hindsight is 20/20. Be smart and organized while planning […]

8 things to calm your nerves on your wedding day

For some people, weddings are beautiful ceremonies that celebrate the love two people share. For others, weddings are train wrecks waiting to happen. It is important to stay calm on your wedding day, and not freak out when little things mess up. The folks at David Rothstein Music have compiled this list of little things […]

Why Do We Need An Emcee?

Many times, brides and grooms ask why it’s important to have an experienced emcee for their wedding, and why they can’t just have their hilarious outgoing friend Jimmy act as the MC. Here’s some reasons why every great wedding band needs to have a designated professional MC for each wedding. Let’s talk about what the […]