Chicago Wedding Band vs. Chicago Wedding Music Company

A Chicago wedding band requires much more than just the ability to play music for dancing. What you need is a complete Chicago wedding music company. Our company will be able to provide you with all of the music you need for your ceremony, cocktails, dinner, and dancing. While there are lots of Chicago wedding bands that can get your guests up and dancing, there are very few that can accommodate all of the music you will need for your wedding.

David Rothstein Music is such a company. We have a separate ceremony department to take care of all of your ceremony music. We’ll give you a jazz trio for cocktails, and our 7-to-14-piece band for dinner and dancing. David will act as the separate and designated MC to take care of all of the announcements and all of the introductions. He will work directly with you and with all of your vendors to make sure that everything is in the right place at the right time. This will allow you both to relax and enjoy your wedding so much more.

While other Chicago wedding bands only talk about giving you a packed dance floor, we’re going to be able to make your entire wedding 40% better. That’s the advantage of hiring a Chicago wedding music company rather than just a Chicago wedding band. The difference is similar to that between a car from an award-winning dealership and one from a stranger’s ad on Craigslist. We are committed to giving you more resources to help you arrange for the perfect music and schedule at your wedding. We understand the big picture when it comes to making your overall Chicago wedding far more organized, fun, and personalized than just a packed dance floor. Contact us today to learn more. Say yes to DRS!