How to Get a Packed Dance Floor

The Experts at Packing Your Dance Floor

Brides and grooms always say that one of the most important things to have for their wedding is to a packed dance floor with all of their guests dancing. Of course, it all begins with hiring a versatile, experienced, high-energy Chicago wedding band like David Rothstein Music. From our band’s extensive library, you will have a large selection of songs and styles to choose from. You don’t want to be limited to a smaller-sized band that only specializes in one or two particular genres. You also want your band to be willing to learn new songs just for you.

In order to get a jam-packed dance floor, make sure you communicate to the band leader the styles, artists, and specific songs that you want or don’t want at your wedding. This will give us the basis for putting together your setlist. This is the list of songs that the band will be playing for your Chicago wedding. As you give suggestions for songs, keep in mind that you want to have all of your guests on the dance floor all night. Make sure you take time to think about who some of your guests are. Maybe you need to have a special Sinatra song played for your grandmother. Or, maybe a Celine Dion song for your sorority sisters. The more you can think about your guests and have a wide variety of genres played, the more you’re going to be able to keep all of your guests dancing until the last note. The reason our Chicago wedding band is able to give our couples packed dance floors every weekend for over 20 years is the fact that we not only listen carefully to all of your requests, but are also experts on reading the dance floor and making sure the next song we play is something that all of your guests will love.

The ability to adjust quickly to how your guests are dancing is crucial for giving you a packed dance floor. Average quality bands will tend to run through the song list regardless of how the guests are dancing. Our experience and attention to detail will make a huge difference in terms of how many of your guests are dancing. The high energy of our band will make sure that all of your requests are played exactly like the original recording. Even if it’s a song we’ve played 500 times, it will have the same energy and enthusiasm as first time we played it. To have a packed dance floor, you need a great Chicago wedding band like David Rothstein Music, an experienced band leader, and an enthusiastic group of guests who are there to have a great time. One last tip is that to get all of your guests dancing, it is important that both of you are leading the way on the dance floor. Your guests will follow your lead, so the more you dance, the more your guests will too.

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