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Finding the best Chicago wedding band for your wedding doesn't have to be a grueling process with our help

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Choosing the right Chicago wedding band for your wedding is one of the most important decisions you’ll be making for your big day. I realize that you’ve likely never hired a Chicago wedding band before. Here are some factors to take into consideration:

  1. Experience: How long has the band been around? If they’ve only been together a few years, they likely won’t have a very big repertoire and will not have performed a wide variety of events.


2. Talent: When reviewing their website, make sure you see recent videos of the band performing in a live setting that will show the reaction of the crowd and not just a staged performance. Or even worse, a CD that was done in a recording studio. Stage performances can be easily edited and manipulated. On a CD, you won’t know who any of the musicians really are. Seeing the reaction of the crowd is the ultimate test.

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3. Reviews: How many reviews do they have? Are they consistent or are there big gaps between the dates of their reviews? The best bands have reviews every few weeks or so. This shows consistently high quality work, as opposed to one incredible wedding every once in awhile. Make sure you look up reviews on websites other than their own, such as Wedding Wire and The Knot.


4. Versatility: When you are reviewing their song list, do they include a wide variety of styles from Sinatra to Top 40, or are they a specialty band that primarily focuses on one style of music? For your big day, you want a Chicago wedding band that not only has a wide variety of styles they can play, but one that is also open to learning new songs that are currently not in their repertoire.


5. The Company: There is much more to having a Chicago wedding band than just great musicians. It’s important to have systems in place for organizing all of the information related to weddings. This includes the schedule, names of the bridal party, people giving toasts, cutting of the cake, blessing, garter/bouquet, etc… Look for a company that can provide you with a template of your schedule in which you can fill in all the names and details of your wedding quickly and easily. The final schedule will be given to your other vendors the night of your wedding, so that everybody can work as a team. If you have a wedding planner, the Band Leader should be able to work with their schedule and be able to make sure everyone is 100% on the same page.

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6. Ability to Customize: Your Chicago wedding band should not only be comprised of talented and organized musicians, but must have the ability and willingness to adapt to your specific requirements. Ask them to demonstrate some of the personal touches that they have done for their clients and how they were able to adjust to what their specific client needed.

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I hope you found these guidelines to be helpful and useful for finding the perfect Chicago wedding band for your wedding. Please keep David Rothstein Music in mind. You can learn more about our music company through our website, or call us at 772. 244.1239.


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