Wedding Bands Versus Real Bands

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Several Chicago wedding bands try to distinguish themselves as being “real bands,” as opposed to wedding bands. They try to trick brides into thinking any ensemble that identifies themselves as a Chicago wedding band is somehow composed of lower quality musicians who only play on the weekends and sell insurance during the week. This is a misleading and unethical way to represent what great Chicago wedding bands really do.

A true professional wedding band includes much more than just having great musicians. They have a keen ability to know the difference between playing in a club and playing for someone’s wedding. The energy and quality of the music far exceeds that of a band that primarily plays in clubs who also do an occasional wedding.


All of the greatest Chicago wedding bands are extremely versatile in the types of music they can play, flexible in their ability to adjust to the needs of their clients and guests and experienced with how to play for a wedding crowd that is dancing. Opposed to a club, where people are drinking and listening. When a band is a “real band” that plays in clubs, it’s fine to have two or three minutes between songs. If you wait more than ten seconds between songs at a wedding, the entire dance floor will be cleared. Bands that play at clubs many times specialize in a certain style of music, such as Irish music, Top 40, ’80s or original music.

The best Chicago wedding bands must be able to not only play background jazz for cocktails, but also a huge variety of dance music ranging from Sinatra to the latest #1 hit. They must be able to find the perfect song and tempo to play based on what people are dancing to, and not what the band has written on their set list.

Well, I wouldn't have a gator play your wedding, but this jazz band is pretty cool.
Well, I wouldn’t have a gator play your wedding, but this jazz band is pretty cool.

Since you’re planning a wedding, why would you want a band that played a club last week and somebody’s birthday party the week before? By hiring a band that identifies itself as a Chicago Wedding Band means they really understand how weddings work. They know how to get the best results for your wedding and how to organize the vendor schedule. If your Toyota Camry needed repairs, who do you think would do a better job: a mechanic who specializes in Toyotas or someone who works on pick-up trucks, but is willing to work on your Toyota?

David Rothstein Music loves playing weddings and believes brides and grooms, as well as their guests, deserve to get the highest quality music possible, not just a group that is willing to lower their standards to play a wedding. The best Chicago wedding bands feel the same way! Be careful of any group that tries to trick you into thinking they’re a “real band” instead of a wedding band. If you’re a planning a wedding, you want great results. Hire David Rothstein Music or one of the other highly qualified Chicago wedding bands to make your day amazing!