Feeling Stuck? Follow These Strategies to Get Out of Your Rut

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Do you feel like you have fallen into an unhealthy rut, and you’re not sure how to get out? It can be far too easy to let old habits get in the way of becoming the person we are meant to be. But your life doesn’t have to stay this way. Although it can be hard and even painful, you can let go of old habits and embrace a healthier, happier life. The first step is being honest with yourself and identifying the things you need to change. David Rothstein Music wants to help you with this process by identifying some common issues that may be holding you back.

You’re Unhappy at Work

Astonishingly, over 50% of employees hate their jobs. So why would you stay in a job you don’t like, and more importantly, how can you release yourself from the anxiety and improve your personal life.
The fear of learning something new stops many people from quitting jobs and pursuing new careers. There are plenty of online degree courses you can enroll in, which will allow you to study alongside your current job role and other obligations.
The risk involved in change might terrify you. Leaving your comfort zone can be difficult, and the anxiety evoked from imposter syndrome is real. But is a little fear worth staying in a job that you loathe every day? Instead of filling your mind with doubts, replace those negative thoughts with positive mantras. Repeat over and over, “you can get what you focus on.” Remind yourself of your strengths and values, and bravely move forward one step at a time.

Then, start looking for new opportunities. Polish up your resume—you can use a free resume builder to create a professional-looking resume that details your experience and accomplishments. Review the variety of resume templates and find one that aligns with your desired job and your experiences. Then, add your own text, colors, and photos to make it stand out. Remember to highlight experience that shows the strengths you will bring to your new position, and use strong verbs and numbers whenever possible to quantify what you’ve accomplished.

Avoid Negativity

Negative attitudes can prevent you from achieving your goals, but it can also adversely affect your health. Constant negativity and feelings of helplessness and hopelessness can lead to chronic stress, which can ultimately decrease your lifespan. So how do you free yourself from negative emotions?
You need to stop getting angry and wound up about everything. Take responsibility for your behavior and stop trying to justify it. Once you stop trying to justify your negativity, you’ll have no reason to get angry, or you’ll begin to uncover the real reason for your anger. Most anger stems from fear or sadness, so you may be covering up some real pain with all of that anger. You will need to deal with that pain before you can truly move forward.
You could also try practicing mindfulness. The Harvard Gazette explains research showing positive effects of mindfulness on both physical and mental health. Meditation calms your mind and decreases anxiety, which can make it easier to replace that negative self talk with positive mantras.

Ignore the Naysayers

Another reason that people stay with jobs and social groups they dislike is that they put too much value in what other people think of them. The only opinion you should worry about is your own. You need to rise above other people’s opinions and stop defining yourself through their eyes – or your perception of how they see you. Because you are the only person who gets hurt when you internalize other people’s views of you.
You can stop yourself from worrying about what others think by reminding yourself that their opinions are irrelevant to your happiness and success. Usually, negative feedback comes from negative people. So remember that nobody else is running your life. If you don’t want other people’s opinions, stop asking what people think of you. And if they feel compelled to give their opinions, simply walk away.

Let Yourself Have Fun

When you force yourself to work long hours, or surround yourself with people who are not healthy for your mental health, you’ll find yourself sacrificing time to do things that make you feel happy and fulfilled. Take a step back from those false obligations and focus on self-care. Choose what makes you happy, whether it’s taking a walk in the park, getting a massage, or hitting the dance floor with David Rothstein Music. You are the only one who can make your life worth living, so walk out of the office with your head held high and go do something you love!
This is Your Life

Release yourself from all the negativity and stop listening to other people’s opinions. It is your life, after all. Isn’t it time you took it back so you can start living it again? Start by identifying triggers and cycles that are holding you back. Then, begin addressing them. Little by little, you will find your confidence growing, and you’ll feel more in control of your life.

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