Late-Life Marriage: Quick Tips For Success

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If you’re just starting over in your Golden Years, you already know that your relationships now will not be the same as they were when you were in your teens and 20s. But, you’ve learned a lot, and with age comes wisdom and patience. That doesn’t mean there are no challenges because there are. Fortunately, you can face them together, and today’s tips can arm you with the information you need to help your late-life marriage succeed.

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Accept your partner as they are.


If you’re getting married “at a certain age,” you are likely set in your ways. Your partner is likewise who they are going to be. While there’s nothing wrong with growing and maturing at any age, don’t try and change the person that you fell in love with just because you’ll be sharing an address.


Start a business together.


Maybe you’ve already retired or you simply want to do something new. Consider starting a business together, which can boost your income and help you spend more time with one another. Designate one person for marketing and one person for day-to-day operations. If you choose to do marketing, check out this free banner maker to get you started. A banner template gives you an opportunity to add and take away text and make any adjustments, such as color and images, that you want until you have the perfect visual brand.


Socialize together.


It’s not enough just to spend time together, you also have to make new friends. If you’re both from the Chicago area and do not spend time on social media, look for old classmates online. All you really need is your graduation date and school. It’s easy to see who still lives in the area quickly and easily, and you may be surprised how many people have stayed close to home.


Discuss money early.


Whether you choose to have a singular financial presence or you want to keep your money separate, have this conversation early. There are pros and cons to each situation, and, according to U.S. News & World Report, having separate accounts helps you maintain financial autonomy. However, it does make it a little more difficult to have a clear picture of your current finances.


Know the others’ plan.


Just because you’re married does not mean that you each know what’s best for one another. Make sure that you discuss your future plans, such as whether or not you want to move into assisted living together or if you’ll separate and live with your respective adult children. Depending on your assets, you might even have nearly identical wills, but you will need to agree on secondary beneficiaries.


Choose your home together.


Chances are, you each already own a home. Decide early on whether you will move into one or if you will sell them both and have your own blank slate. If you choose the latter, Quicken Loans offers these tips: pay attention to size, number of bedrooms, and the condition of the home’s heating and cooling system. Even if you don’t have children still living at home, you likely would like to have a space for your adult children and young grandchildren to come to visit.

Getting married after 50 is surprisingly common. That doesn’t mean that there are no challenges that you’ll have to face, and you can do it together. The above late-life marriage tips, from working together to socializing with people you once knew, can help you forge a meaningful relationship that will shine bright throughout your retirement years, even if you choose not to fully retire.

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