Would you call a plumber for new shoes?


If you injured your shoulder would you go to your mechanic?

If you needed to get your hair done would you go to a hardware store?

If you needed to have your computer fixed would you call your dentist?

Then why would you consider having your uncle do the video for your wedding?

This applies to ALL your wedding vendors.

There’s a reason why wedding vendors are considered professionals. Each of them has spent years developing their skills to become experts at what they do. They have invested thousands of dollars purchasing the highest quality equipment available. Each one of them is dedicated to their craft.

I realize having your uncle shoot video for free seems like a great way to save money. He’s a great guy and you know how much you love your favorite uncle. Plus, it’s such a nice gesture from him.

Now, imagine the wedding is over and you’re excited to see the video. Unfortunately, the battery wasn’t charged up for your first dance, the lighting was too low to make out people’s faces and the audio was cutting out during your dad’s touching toast. Then, he missed that special dance with all your girlfriends since he was busy catching up with your brother about his new job.

How are you going to feel when you get this video back? How is your relationship going to be with your dear uncle? 10 years later when your family is gathered for Thanksgiving and they start talking about your wedding, how awkward will it be when someone asks about the video? Will you remember how much money you saved? Probably not. What you’ll remember is your regret about not spending the money to hire a professional.


Here’s the solution:

Let your friends and relatives be your guests at the wedding. Hire the very best professionals you can afford. They will give you the best results every time.

Take your bad shoulder to your doctor.

Get your hair done at your favorite salon.

Call your IT guy to fix your computer.

Hiring professionals is expensive, but NOT hiring them is far more expensive.

Feel free to ask any questions. I welcome your comments. Let me know if you have any ideas for topics on future Blogs.

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