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Perfect for Cocktails, Dinner and Corporate Events. Let’s find out what makes this ensemble work so well…

The Perfect Ensemble

Piano Bass Sax

The Perfect Repertoire

The purpose of the Jazz Trio is to provide background music for your cocktails, dinner or corporate event. The music includes repertoire from Gershwin, Duke Ellington, Jobim and other Jazz Standards.

The Perfect Volume

You and your guests will be able to talk comfortably even standing right next to the trio. If there are announcements required, we can make them for you, using our own speaker and microphone.

The Perfect Flexibility

They are able to move easily and quickly from room to room. If needed, we can bring a keyboard free of charge.

The Perfect Atmosphere

The luxurious sound of the Jazz Trio will provide the perfect atmosphere for cocktails, dinner and any corporate events. Watch video of the trio on our website:

The Perfect Professionalism

The Jazz Trio, like all our musicians, will be set up and ready to play 30 minutes prior to your event. Breaks will be coordinated with your overall schedule.

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