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Date of Broadcast: 11-12-12

Length of Show: 45 Minutes[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Description:

Jeffrey Caldcleugh has worked around liquor since he was 22 years old and has seen it all. He started working wih Binny’s on a part time basis while he was finishing up school. After graduating, Jeff moved up in the company and eventually became the general manager of his location. In his seven years in the business, he has been directly responsible for ordering and bringing in new products in beer, wine and liquor sections. Along the way, he began helping customers out with larger orders, mainly for weddings, as they would walk into the store for help.

Now, Jeff is the resident Wedding planner and Event planner for Binny’s Beverage Depot. Binny’s is the largest liquor store in the Midwest. Getting your wine, spirits and beer from Binny’s will save you thousands of dollars on your catering bill. It has an unmatched selection and the most competitive prices in the Chicago market. They offer delivery for $20 and will take back anything unused for 100% cost paid!

They will work within any budget and will make your event or wedding planning the best they can! Binny’s takes care of over 200 wedding packages per year. Shown directly through the high level of customer service at Binny’s, Jeff has turned everyday relationships with walk-in customers into a solid rapport with venues, event planners, and caterers. It is Jeff’s personal goal to give customers everything they want for the lowest cost in Illinois. Jeff will help make your special day outstanding!

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