An interview with a Real Bride and Groom

Guest: An interview with a Real Bride and Groom

Date of Broadcast: 12-16-12

Length of Show: 45 Minutes


Joe and Molly will be talking about what the process of planning their wedding has been like so far. This is a couple that has recently booked everything for their 9.14.13 wedding. They’ve done a LOT of research into all kinds of things related to their wedding planning, including researching 13 venues and dozens of vendors before making their final decision. Find out what they liked and didn’t like about the vendors they reviewed, no names will be mentioned of course. If you’re a vendor and ever wanted to get into the mind of a bride and groom you MUST check this out. If you’re a bride or groom, you’ll get great advice from a fellow couple as to making the best choices for you wedding.