A Creative Way to Turn Your Flowers Into Art

Guest: A Creative Way to Turn Your Flowers Into Art

Date of Broadcast: 02/22/2013

Length of Show: 45 Minutes


Loreen Hospodar is an artist working and living in Chicago’s West Loop where she runs her business, Reenie Rose. Reenie Rose specializes in creating custom oil paintings of bridal bouquets in an effort to eliminate the dusty, dried up bouquet that is leftover after a wedding. This alternative method of “preserving” a bouquet results in a couple having a timeless keepsake of a piece of art that tastefully alludes to their wedding and can be passed down for years to come. Loreen also dabbles in day of wedding services, murals, crafty projects and anything else she can get some paint on to. As a graduate from Grand Valley State University in Michigan, she tries to return to her alma mater often to speak to the art students there in hopes of inspiring them to pursue their artistic dreams.

Loreen has a few events coming up. Martha Stewart Wedding Party, FORM & April in Paris at The Left Bank, as well as the registry option on her recently updated website.