Are You Considering an Ice Sculpture?

Guest: Are You Considering an Ice Sculpture?

Date of Broadcast: 2-27-2013

Length of Show: 1 hour


Max Zuleta’s superlative ice sculptures transcend the common – his clean, clear and pure visions regularly push the limits of ice art. Max’s masterful creations are reflective of his celebrated artisanship and great passion for ice – as an artist he is among those uniquely aligned to his soul’s purpose.

Ice sculpting since 1987 and recognized internationally, Max is ranked among the top ice sculptors in the world. His acclaimed and award-winning ice carvings have been featured in competitions and exhibitions in Alaska, Belgium Canada, Colombia, France, Germany, Holland, Mexico and Venezuela. Max regularly dialogues with many of the world’s great ice sculptors providing for a continuous exchange of ideas, tools and techniques to remain at the avant garde in ice sculpting worldwide.