Why Need to Hire a Chicago Wedding Band

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Do you want your special day to be boring? There is nothing worse than a DJ sucking the life out of a reception! A study found that 38% of wedding guests remembered the music most. Do you want to be another couple that books the standard DJ? We’ve been extremely fortunate to work with many celebrity clients. Our company will give you that special celebrity treatment. In this article, you’ll learn why Chicago wedding bands make weddings extra fun.

Exciting Element of Live Music

You will never hear a DJ break into a solo. A radio can play songs the way you’ve always heard them before. Wouldn’t it be nice to add an exciting live element to your wedding? You’ve heard radio versions of the same hits at every wedding. You and you guests deserve something unique and special. Consider the excitement of a live Chicago wedding band. Live concerts add that extra element of fun to a wedding.

Three Chicago Wedding Band Options Available

You might think a wedding band doesn’t have many options. Some companies only feature a single band with no other choices. Our company has a jazz trio, as well as a 7 or 10 piece orchestra! Talented piano, bass, and sax players make up our jazz trio. The 7 piece orchestra adds vocalists and a guitar player. The 10 piece orchestra adds a trumpet, trombone, and an extra vocalist. Each band choice ensures your special day always has the right musical vibe.

Customized Concerts at Your Fingertips

Our musicians have played weddings for years. We know sometimes your special day doesn’t run as scheduled. Our talented musicians can work around your desired timeline. Someone running a little late? We can keep the dance floor packed until the special guest arrives. Need to make time for a few more romantic numbers? Our musicians can adjust the tempo and mood on the fly. We will work to create a perfectly themed night of music you won’t forget. Smaller venues might want the more intimate vibe of a jazz trio. We can also offer a large orchestra to get guests out on the dance floor. Our company loves helping clients create the perfect concert experience.

Talented Musicians and Entertainers

A wedding band typically features musicians with not much experience. Our talented musicians have honed their skills from constant bookings. Our vocalists aren’t amateur wedding singers by any means. We’re fortunate enough to feature talented vocalists. These vocalists have worked with giants in the music industry. Our incredible musicians have worked with Elton John, Shania Twain, and Stevie Wonder. One thing that everyone loves about live music is the fun vibe it creates. Excite your guests with a Chicago wedding band. Your guests will love a thrilling night of live music. Need a talented Chicago wedding band for your special day? If so, please contact us to help create your perfect concert!


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