Top 4 Ways to Country-Up Your Wedding

Rustic Wedding Decor

No longer exclusive to country couples anymore, rustic weddings have become more popular than ever as you can easily tailor this style to your unique taste, preferences, and overall aesthetic. And the spike in this wedding theme’s popularity is easy to understand. What’s more charming than warm lighting, woodsy accents, and nature-inspired decor? Check out some of the ways you can mix up your wedding theme and add some romantic, rustic flair.

#1 — Invitations

Your invitations should be a sneak peak into the look and feel of your wedding. Bring the rustic theme to light with your save-the-dates and invitations! Think brown, textured paper with white or black typography, or images of foliage in a muted color pallette. Your invitation can also give your guests some idea on how they may want to dress for the occasion to add another rustic element — cowboy boots or hats, flannel, sundresses, classy denim.

Check out these awesome custom rustic invitations to kick your wedding off right! Of course, it doesn’t get more rustic than doing it yourself, so don’t hesitate to grab that crafty friend and making a weekend out of it.

#2 — Attire

The bridal party’s wardrobe plays a huge role in the look and feel of your wedding, and is a quick and easy way to establish the vibe you’re going for. One of our favorite trends is pairing bridesmaid dresses with cowgirl boots. If you can, allow your ladies to
choose their boots from one quality brand like King Ranch to ensure they all have a similar feel, but with each woman’s personality peeking through the details. Something like this or a piece of rustic jewelry could even function as your bridesmaid gift to them.

For men, think on the more casual side and take your inspiration from the American Cowboy. Think cowboy hats, quality denim, or a vest instead of a full suit. Bolo ties or bandanas could also be a fun accessory and way to switch things up. We can’t imagine the groomsmen would care to necessarily wear anything again, but a fun rustic groomsmen gift idea would be something like these wood-branded cufflinks with their initials.

#3 — Decor

This is a broad category, but there are a few staple rustic elements to swap into your bank of decor ideas. First, signage. A DIY rustic sign directing your guests to the ceremony and reception areas will go a long way to set the mood of the evening. Think pallets, using distressed window frames, wooden street signs, etc., with elegant scroll or chalk writing. Here are some ideas to get you started.

The other rustic staples are, of course, burlap, twine, and baby’s breath. Oh, and mason jars — any jars, really. Think of ways to use these as part of your table settings, for favors and candles, around bouquets, and more. Adding in a bit of lace will help balance out these elements with subtle touches of elegance.

#4 — Music
And finally, the music. Here at David Rothstein, we obviously believe the music of your wedding is really the epicenter. If nothing else, music is the mood setter. It’s what brings everyone together and what everyone will remember. If it’s in your budget, rather than a country or folk music playlist, invest in a live band with a good rep. Request that they play along in terms of attire, and make sure they can play the music you’re looking for. If they can throw in a banjo player, all the better for your rustic, country wedding dreams.