All About Wedding Jewelry

Guest: All About Wedding Jewelry

Date of Broadcast: 12-14-12

Length of Show: 45 Minutes


3 Hearts Boutique is run by two sisters Shelly Patoff-Becker and Molly Patoff who are passionate about their business and customer service. Shelly L. Becker & her sister Molly Bernard Patoff founded the 3 Hearts inc. with a mission to bring out a woman’s natural beauty with the beauty of diamonds. The 3 intertwining hearts represent more than just a beautiful image. The hearts; your heart, our heart, and their heart, are all connected just as we are all connected when using our hearts to give back and help others. A simple glance at the linked hearts will help remind us to slow down and use our heart as it was intended; to reach out and support those who need our help. They do a custom bridal line, and have a lot of knowledge on what to look for and where to go.