Smaller Wedding Tips

Due to the current circumstances, there are many couples re-thinking their entire wedding plan. There is a mixture of emotions and questions running through our minds. Is the wedding date secure or need to be rescheduled? Are the venue and other vendors on board with changes? During this time of uncertainty, take a deep breath and resort to looking on the bright side. There are many positive aspects you will gain from this! Embrace the additional time on your hands and follow these few tips to achieve a flawless and intimate wedding to share and celebrate with your friends and family when the time comes.


1 Short Guest List

You can easily personalize your wedding, however, what does it mean to make it intimate? Maybe it means eloping, having a destination wedding, or, for many, having a short guest list. To accomplish both personalization and a cozy feel, carefully consider who the invitees will be. Your key to success in this step is quality over quantity. Start by making a lump sum list of everyone you know. Then, only include people who are nearest and dearest to your heart. You and your partner’s special day should only be surrounded by loved ones that you can’t imagine this day without.


2 Details, Details, Details

The goal of the decorations and atmosphere should be representative of you and your significant other. After all, your loved ones are gathered to celebrate you! There are several ways to add detail-oriented decor to showcase the theme you are going after. Think about how you can add personal twists through every element. Start with small touches in the ceremony, sprinkle in details on the card and cake table, and especially within the favors. One idea that will have optimal detail and personalization is just by creating a DIY photo frame centerpiece to easily display images of the newlyweds. You will need a hot glue gun, small photo frames that are 4×6 inches or smaller, spray paint, wooden dowels, and styrofoam balls. Start by cutting the styrofoam ball in half, this will be the base. Stick the dowel into the center, and hot glue the frame to the end. Spray paint the entire structure, and then secure photos into the frames. A simple way to add a personal touch to each table that guests can admire.


3 Skip Tradition

When you follow traditions or popular ideas, it can be easy to veer away from staying true to your personality. It’s not difficult to get caught up in themes and ideas that are trending online. However, instead of copying them, take those ideas and turn them into your own. For example, something that many modern brides incorporate into their wedding reception is some kind of candy or hot beverage bar for guests to enjoy. Take this popular idea and feed it into your overall theme in your own way. If you and your partner have a favorite treat, such as donuts, have a donut bar instead! Take the ideas you see online as inspiration to brainstorm how you can incorporate them with you and your partner’s identity.


4 Personalize Gifts & Favors

The last area to remember is the wedding party and the guests themselves. It’s crucial to show them that you care and appreciate their attendance. Asking closest friends to be in your wedding party is a bigger commitment than some may see. There’s the bridal shower, bachelor parties, dress shopping, and more. There will be many responsibilities that your wedding party has to fit into their daily schedules. Make an effort to show them how grateful you are! For your bridesmaids, get them a silk robe that they can wear while getting ready! There are also many groomsmen gift ideas, but a personalized souvenir from the wedding like a shot glass or cuff links with their name on it will surely make them smile. With the items personalized, it will surely show your gratitude.


Having an intimate and personalized wedding is all you need to have a successful celebration of you and your partner’s marriage. Everything will come together in its time, you and your significant other will have each other every step of the way.