Thinking of Rescheduling Your Wedding During the Virus? Read This First

By David Rothstein Written 4.15.20

This is obviously a very difficult time for everyone. Trying to reschedule your wedding can certainly seem like a daunting task. Hopefully, this article will help you put together a plan for making it a much easier process. If you are a current bride and groom that is considering rescheduling, you first want to check with your venue and see what their policies are, as well as what their thoughts are for your upcoming wedding date. Of course, no one knows when this is going to be over and we can return back to the wedding season, but the venue is the most important vendor you have. If they’re not going to be available, obviously none of your other vendors’ feedback really matters.


Once you have all the information from the venue and some open dates for rescheduling, then you need to decide if you fully want to reschedule. Whatever you do, do not cancel your wedding, as it will cost you a great deal financially and will create many additional problems. You still love each other right? Then simply say you want to reschedule. Even if it’s a year later it’s always a better choice.  They are all willing to work with you to find a rescheduled date. The best way to increase your odds of their availability is to find a Friday or Sunday date. Ideally, that would be at least three months later. Once you have booked all your vendors for the new upcoming date, send out one mass email that confirms in writing that this is the new date. If you have a wedding planner, they should be able to do this for you. If for some reason you end up canceling, do not ask them for your deposit back, as it is non-refundable. The deposit is used as a way of confirming the date for both you and the vendor. They have very likely turned down other opportunities to be able to play for your wedding. If you would like to help your vendors, you can pay them a portion of their remaining balance on the original due date. This will help them be able to pay their employees during this challenging time.


It’s important to communicate to all of your vendors any updates as far as the change of date, venue, or schedule goes. Since so many couples are rescheduling their weddings, dates are filling up quickly, so as soon as you have a new date and time, book your vendors right away! Be sure to read your contract carefully. It was created to protect both you and the vendor. It’s important to respect the terms of the contract, despite the unexpected situation with the virus. Keep in mind that every wedding vendor that you’re working with is made up of individual people that are directly affected. Our music company has worked hard to become a leader for the wedding industry during the coronavirus. I was recently interviewed in the Sun-Times for an article on the effects of the virus on the events industry. As long as there is mutual respect and understanding between you and your vendors, rescheduling can be a very easy and mutually beneficial process for everyone involved. I hope you found this to be helpful. Remember that you chose the vendors you did because you saw them like true professionals. Now is the time that you will appreciate their professionalism in working with you to make your wedding absolutely perfect, even if it’s a few months later than you intended. They are your partners. They are your friends.  Just like me, they want to help you every step of the way.