Summer Wedding Trends to Watch

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Things are heating up- and we’re not just talking about the romance between a “just married” pair. Summer weddings are known for their laid-back energy and fun trends. With the sun shining on a glowing bride in just the right way, and the warmth of the atmosphere having people dance barefoot in the moonlight, it’s no surprise that summer is the most popular wedding season. If you’re planning a summer wedding and need some inspiration, we’ve got you covered with the latest trends for the year.

It sometimes feels like music has its own genre dedicated to summer. Summer wedding music commonly loops itself into acoustic and string sounds to accompany the sunshine, or a jazzy, big band feel to warm up the night. Regardless of whether you’re thinking top hits or old school, David Rothstein Music will keep the party going with an exciting live band and free DJ between band breaks: what more could you want? Live bands are always on-trend, and give guests an experience like never before.

It’s all about greenery and freshness this summer. The lively hues of geometric potted succulents and vine hangings represent growth, the perfect sentiment for growing together as a married couple. Depending on your personal style, rustic themes can be especially charming for outdoor weddings; hanging lanterns, wooden accents, and calligraphy decorated place cards create a unique and inviting atmosphere for celebrating the big day. Word on the street is that baby’s breath is back in style, too, so don’t be afraid to incorporate it in floral arrangements!

Staying cool and stylish seems to be the most important fashion component and sometimes the biggest struggle for summer weddings. For brides, cold-shoulder and off-the-shoulder dresses are a flirty version of a simple strapless silhouette. If you’re not afraid of breaking away from tradition, consider adding to a summery vibe with a blush or champagne-toned wedding dress. For grooms, breathable fabrics like merino wool are your best bet for a summer wedding. It might be a good idea to consider a lighter color, like khaki or gray, to avoid any additional heat from the sun. Consider renting your suit or tux for the big day, especially if you want to try out a new color for the season.

When it comes to food: the more fun, the better. This summer, couples are utilizing food trucks, incorporating bite-sized desserts, cupcake towers, and even geode cakes for a fun spin on the traditional tiered wedding cake. This time of year brings out the inner child in so many adults, so what better way to celebrate a new marriage than with an ice cream stand? Consider accepting suggestions from your wedding party and friends to see what unique food ideas they’d like to experience for some inspiration. At the end of the day, it’s all about having fun and keeping cool, so get creative with it!

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