Gift Ideas For Your Bridal Party

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Framed Caricature
Giving your best friends a caricature drawing is very unique and an awesome idea if you and your whole crew are close. We have two ideas on how to tackle this… You could have an artist come to your venue the day of to draw up a picture of all of you for a fun, different activity while you’re prepping for the wedding, and this will be a great opportunity to get funny photos of you and your friends. Tip: have the artist just draw one picture and have it copied for your groomsmen or bridesmaids after the wedding! If you don’t want to take up time that day, find an artist, send them great pictures of each of you and those in your wedding party, and have them draw a caricature of all of you in matching attire. Then you will have the gift ready to go on your wedding day!

Matching Shades
Outdoor wedding season is in full swing! Sunglasses are a great bridal party gift; they protect your eyes out in the sun and offer your whole crew an awesome photo opportunity. If you bulk-order sunglasses as a gift, you can buy them much cheaper and in one easy purchase you’ll have the gifts for both the groomsmen and bridesmaids! Plus, each time after your big day when they grab the sunglasses to wear, it will bring back the fun memories!

Personalized Cooler
Here’s another gift idea that your friends and family will love to keep long after your wedding, and will remind them of the awesome time you all had on your big day! Personalizing the coolers with their last name will make a great gift for their whole family for years to come, and you can design the cooler in the colors of your wedding theme. Gift the cooler, filled with beers, on the morning of your big day to kick start the party! Plus, imagine having photos of you and your wedding party all sipping beers with matching coolers at your feet; photos like this will offer you gifts for your friends in the future. It’s a win, win!

Box of Accessories
Accessory boxes are a great way to surprise your groomsmen or bridesmaids with a unique gift on your wedding. You can order multiple of the same filled with matching accessories your guys and gals can wear on your wedding day. Brands like SprezzaBox or Men’s Accessory Box for the gentlemen will offer you great items to wear like ties, cufflinks or socks. And for the ladies, boxes like Rocksbox and Popsugar have beautiful accessories and matching beauty products, so you and your tribe complement each other. These are especially great when your bridal party don’t match perfectly; whether it’s different dresses or different shades of the same suit, coinciding accessories ensures the look comes together.

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