How to Get Your Dream Sweet Table

Guest: How to Get Your Dream Sweet Table

Date of Broadcast: 11/28/12

Length of Show: 45 minutes


Fancy Candies is the collaborative creation of Two Sisters … Liz and Deb … whose childhood memories of Grandma’s tins filled with delightful cookies, best-ever brownies and melt-in-your mouth candies … and of Comerio’s Bakery, the local Italian landmark in their hometown of Herrin, Illinois, where customers lined up on Sunday nights for hot, homemade donuts, old-fashioned, hand-rolled cream horns, and pecan rolls that were as sticky and chewy as they were delicious … and of the little 8-foot by 10-foot, white clapboard Bowen’s Ice Cream stand, where every amazing flavor of ice cream was homemade and hand-dipped into Chinese takeout containers … have lasted a lifetime and brought them to share their beautiful creations with you.