The Big Day: Don’t Forget Items!

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With your wedding day just around the corner, it’s normal for the nerves to start kicking in. We know how much planning goes into that one single day, but in the end, it’s all worth it. You’ve probably made a list and checked it twice, but sometimes things get forgotten and bumps occur along the way. Here are some last minute items for both the bride and groom to pack to guarantee their day goes smoothly.


* Hair and Makeup Essentials – your hair and makeup are going to look perfect, no doubt. Packing bobby pins can be great for pieces that start to fall down from an updo and strong hairspray will keep curls in tact. Concealer, lipstick, and waterproof mascara are great to pack for touch-ups between the ceremony and the reception.

* Accessories – There’s a lot that goes into your wedding day outfit and it’s important to make sure its all ready to go together. Make sure that you break your shoes in ahead of time by walking around your house, if you find they’re digging into your heel, try adding a heel insert to the back of them. Carefully place all of your jewelry that you will be wearing in one bag such as your necklace, earrings, and/or bracelets. To guarantee that you are comfortable, choose the proper undergarments. Many tailors suggest wearing a nude colored strapless bra as it will match all necklines seamlessly and can help correct last-minute fit issues. Here’s a great resource if you’re thinking about going for the more trendy option of visible lingerie: How to Wear a Bralette: 101 Trendy and Stylish Outfits

* Bridal Survival Kit – Having a small kit on hand for any unforeseen mishaps can be a lifesaver. If not you, it may be a bridesmaid who is in need. The first thing to pack in the kit is water and light snacks for nervous stomachs or long periods of time without eating. Pain relief medicine, floss, mints and stain remover sticks are also good to have on hand.

* Bridesmaid Gifts – A creative and fun little gift for each member of your bridal party is a nice gesture to say “thank you for being here for me today, I couldn’t have done it without you!” If you are crafty you could DIY something from Pinterest to save money or if you’re not so crafty, Etsy has great handmade gifts to choose from.


* Accessories – Much like the bride, you’ve got a lot that goes into your outfit as well. Make sure the tux is free of wrinkles at least a day before the ceremony. Place all components in the rental bag together as not to forget anything such as a tie or bow tie, vest, belt, socks, and/or pocket squares. Smaller things such as cufflinks and the

wedding bands should go in a more important box to protect them from getting misplaced. These are things your best man will hold onto for your safekeeping.

* Groom Survival Kit – It’s a good idea to pack for last-minute mishaps. Perhaps a razor for a spot missed the day before or beard oil for facial hair. Deodorant is a must as heavy tuxes and nerves can cause a groom to sweat. A toothbrush and toothpaste are important for a minty fresh first kiss as husband and wife.

* Groomsmen Gifts – Prepare in advance gifts for the men proudly standing next to you as you marry the love of your life. The key with groomsmen gifts is to get something that is both in the budget and practical. Try to coordinate a gift that matches each personality as most groomsmen have their own unique personalities and may prefer a gift suited more for them.


* The Wedding License – You can’t put on the big show without the official document to sign after! Keep a file with this and other contracts, receipts and other papers that will be important to have on hand that day.

* Your Checkbook – although everything has already been organized and paid for, you never know when something may have been missed. Try to write out or set aside envelopes with the tips for your caterer, wedding band, photographer and other vendors ahead of time. Tip: hand them off to a close friend or relative to hand out to each vendor to help you avoid stress on your big day.

Above all else, remember to smile and have fun. Don’t let your nerves get the best of you. You’ve got a whole team of family, friends, and staff ready to help you through it all.

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