The Difference Between Club Bands and Wedding Bands

Club band and wedding band
The Difference Between Club Bands and Wedding Bands

If you want your wedding to have a packed dancefloor and all of your guests singing and dancing to their favorite songs, hire a great Chicago Wedding Band, not some awesome band you saw playing originals at a club when you were out with your friends. Just like that misspelled tattoo that you got, it may seem like a great idea at the time, but hiring a club band is a big mistake. Here’s why:


1. MUSIC: Your guests don’t want to hear an entire night of a club bands originals, or their cool version of a Green Day song. They want to dance and sing along to songs they know. That’s what a great Chicago wedding band like our’s does. A wedding band is designed to be able to play a wide variety of music in many styles, tempos, and dome by a variety of artists. A band that you may find from a club is very likely to specialize in just one style of music. They also likely will not be able to learn any of your special requests. It’s just not what club bands do.


2. EMCEE: They won’t have a designated experienced MC. The lead vocalist may be a great guy and an awesome singer, but if he’s not experienced with working with planners, vendors, and doesn’t understand a wedding schedule, you’re going to have a big problem when it comes to introductions and announcements.


3. DRESS: Club bands will tend to wear jeans, t-shirts, creative accessories that identify what their band is about. A wedding band shouldn’t be trying to show your guests how hip they are. They should look well dressed, uniform, and fit into your wedding without distracting from you. Our Chicago wedding band wears black suits, white suits, and a long black dress tie. A club band is likely to wear exactly what they wore when you saw them at the club. They might agree to wear random suits if you’re lucky.


4. PROFESSIONALISM: A club band will tend to act the same way they do at the club. They’ll be in line at the bar, showing up at the last minute or even late, their sound system won’t be able to be adjusted to the size of your room, there very well could be some unnecessary large egos involved, and they won’t be willing to adapt to the specific requirements of your venue.


5. ORGANIZATION: A professional wedding band will have a team of staff working on the details of your wedding to help put together the perfect schedule, make sure all of your requests are included,  they will also work directly with your venue, your planner, and your other vendors to make sure every detail is taken care of. Club bands will not have the resources or experience to be able to take care of these types of details. They just want to show up and rock out.


When you and your friends want to go out for drinks and hear some great music, there are a lot of incredible club bands throughout Chicago that you will absolutely love, but when it’s time for your wedding make sure you choose an experienced high-quality Chicago Wedding Band like David Rothstein Music for your big day. You and your guests will be thankful you did.

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