The Five Most Important Words For a Great Chicago Wedding Band

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Choosing the right Chicago wedding band for your big day is one of the most important and challenging decisions you’ll need to make. Your guests will soon forget about the bows on the back of the chairs, the beautiful flowers and décor, if you don’t have great music to keep all of your guests dancing. Here’s a quick list of some of the characteristics that every great Chicago wedding band should have.

Reputation. Since there are so many Chicago wedding bands to choose from, you want to make sure that the band you choose has an excellent reputation. Not only for a few spectacular weddings here and there, but hundreds of weddings over the course of many years. All Chicago wedding bands will be able to gather reviews randomly, but the best ones are those that have a consistent track record over many years of five star reviews. Be sure to check out the reviews that are written about them not just their website, but other sites such as The Knot and Wedding Wire. Check to see that reviews not only have the name of the couple who wrote the review, but they should also include the specific dates they were written. Reviews should ideally include specific details and not just generalities. Make sure that the testimonials are recent. If the band you’re looking at only has reviews from two or three years ago, you have to ask yourself the question, “What have they done lately?”

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Energy. We live in a visual world where people react to what they see. When you are reviewing Chicago wedding bands, watch their videos, or better yet, see them live to determine what the level of their energy is. Some Chicago wedding bands that have been in the business for many, many years tend to get complacent and comfortable with doing the minimum to get by. The best bands, however, are those that are able to perform songs they’ve sung hundreds of times with incredible high energy at every single performance. You and your guests will feed off that energy. Make sure the Chicago wedding band you choose exudes high energy, not just from the vocalist, but from all of the musicians in the band. The amount of fun they’re having directly affects how your guests will react.

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Experience. It’s important to hire a band that has past the test of time. Chicago wedding bands that have been performing for over ten years have obviously done quality work. It’s also a sign that they have done a wide variety of weddings, both big and small, formal or casual, and everything in between. A band that has been around for such a period of time has also performed weddings for a diverse amount of ethnicities and age groups. This is crucial because every wedding has its own unique combination of all of these factors. It’s up to the band leader to recognize these differences and make the adjustments both prior to and at the actual wedding to accommodate that wedding’s specific needs. An experienced wedding band will also have the infrastructure to make sure all of the details for your wedding are taken care of. You don’t want a newer company learning at your wedding about what to do better for the next one! Make sure the Chicago wedding bands you’re considering have both the experience and the know-how to make your wedding amazing.

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Versatility. The best Chicago wedding bands are those that are able to play a wide variety of songs for both your ceremony and your reception. They should be able to accommodate your specific requests and also have the ability to adjust the song choices at your wedding. In addition to the music requests, the best Chicago wedding bands must have the ability to be flexible, as far as the schedule is concerned. They should be making sure that they are working for you and not the other way around. While they may give you specific suggestions, it’s ultimately your wedding and they need to adjust to your specific requests and what’s right for you.


Musicians. The quality of the musicians themselves is what makes a band great. Many Chicago wedding bands throw together groups on the fly. The most professional and award winning ones, like David Rothstein Music, have been together for many years and are not only incredible musicians on their own, but work together as a united team to form a powerful and versatile band that can play nearly anything. Much like cooking, if you start with the best ingredients and have a great recipe, your odds for a fantastic meal go up dramatically. See if you can read bios of each of the individual musicians from all of the Chicago wedding bands you are considering. If the personnel is changing often, that is a sign that either the band not having enough work, or of a band leader that isn’t taking care of his musicians. Try to find a meet the band page to learn more about individual musicians. Remember, you can’t have a great band without great individual musicians!

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There are of course many additional words that are important when reviewing the Chicago wedding bands you’re considering. Hopefully you will find this article helpful. I will continue to write more tips to help you find the perfect band for your big day!

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