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When considering the dance music for your wedding, think of it as a huge menu with all of the different songs and styles you’ve ever enjoyed dancing to in your life. On that menu will include a variety of different styles, tempos and artists for you to choose from. Within this menu are subcategories, such as genres, and more subcategories of particular artists and songs.

A great Chicago wedding band will be able to take your preferences and factor in other considerations, like the size of the group, the overall spectrum of the age of the guests, as well as the tone of the wedding. They will be able to add certain seasonings to particular songs to make them sound as authentic as possible.

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Some people prefer their angel hair pasta with marinara sauce, while others prefer it with a cream based sauce. It’s up to both the Chicago wedding band, as well as the client, to work together to find what’s going to be not only the perfect genre to feature, but also which version and which tempo is going to be perfect for that particular wedding.

Perhaps you only like a small amount of mushrooms included. Or, you’d like a smaller portion. These are all options that a great Chicago wedding band should be able to do musically for you, as well. The better they can know you and your particular tastes and preferences, the better they can make sure they are preparing a musical dish that will be delicious for both you and all of your guests!

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When choosing a Chicago wedding band, make sure they have a very versatile repertoire. Some bands specialize in certain styles, such as jazz/swing, Sinatra, Motown, funk, blues or Top 40. Some Chicago wedding bands feature the music of the 50s, 60s or 70s. If you are a big fan of 60s music, be careful about hiring a band that exclusively performs music from that genre. You want to make sure you’ve hired a Chicago wedding band that is open to playing music from a wide variety of styles that is also willing to focus more on the 60s.

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Just like any great restaurant, a wonderful, varied menu will only take you so far if you don’t have a master chef. A great band that can prepare the music to your preferences will know what’s going to be ideal to keep all of your guests dancing.

When you listen to music at home or in your car, try to envision you and your guests dancing to that particular song. Some of the best songs we all love to listen to while cleaning the house or driving the car won’t always translate to great songs to get your guests dancing. If you’re not sure, talk to the leader of the Chicago wedding band you’ve chosen. He’ll be able to guide you through what works or suggest alternatives from that same artist, which may be more appropriate for dancing.

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To summarize, make sure you hire a Chicago wedding band that listens to your specific needs, has the experience to know what songs will work with dancing or not, as well as the care to make sure it’s going to be the perfect song played at the perfect time to keep all of your guests dancing. With a master chef/band leader, you’ll have a delicious meal of your favorite songs to keep all of your guests dancing and well fed. Bon appétit!

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