The Importance of Wedding Details that Aren’t the Dress, Date or Venue

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Planning your dream wedding can often become a nightmare. There are so many things to do and seemingly no time to do them. That stress often leads to too much focus on the standout items, like picking the right gown and booking the perfect venue on the right date. But there are other extremely important details to keep in mind and pay attention to while planning. Here are the reasons why these wedding details are just as important and essential to your big day.


The Music


Music is used all throughout your wedding day to set a mood and allows your guests to be entertained at all times. You want to make sure the music you, or the company you’ve hired, has chosen will fit in with the feel of your ceremony and reception. It should allow your guests to feel comfortable and welcome. There are many Chicago wedding bands out there. It can be difficult to know which one to choose. Music has the power to set the tone of an entire event, so you want to make sure yours is appropriate. Meet with an expert wedding music company prior to the big day to find out what a truly great Chicago wedding band can do for you


The Registry


Your wedding registry is comprised of the items that will help you transition into your life as a married couple. After spending a ton on your wedding, your registry allows you to save some money when outfitting your newlywed home. One item that you should include is a new, comfortable mattress to allow for a fresh and clean start in your bedroom.


The Schedule


You spend so much time preparing the details of the big day, that often your own needs on that day get pushed aside. It’s extremely important to have you hair and makeup appointment scheduled, as well as when your photographer will arrive for candids while you get ready. You’ll also want to ensure there’s time for you to relax and have a bit of fun, it is your wedding day after all! Make sure that the bridal party is looped in on these times as well for their own planning purposes.


The Invitations/Save the Dates


When your guests receive their save the date announcement, and later on their invitation, this is the very first taste of your wedding they have. The theme and colors should match what they’ll be seeing on your wedding day. Sending mixed messages to your guests can cause them to be confused and even not know how they should dress for your wedding.


The Dress Code


There are several different types of weddings, and with them comes several different possible dress codes. Before choosing one to put on your invitation, be sure to know what each one means and what you can expect your guests to be wearing. You can even include the description with examples on your wedding website for further clarification. Having a definite dress code allows your guests to feel they are not over or underdressed, so they can relax and enjoy the festivities.


The Guest List


Before even deciding on who you want to invite, you need to decide what kind of wedding you want to have. If you want it to be intimate, then you’ll need to truly limit the number of people you’re inviting to just those who are closest to you. On the other hand, if you’re having a large wedding you have some more flexibility and can invite your mom’s best friends kids and anyone else you can think of. Just remember, this is your day and you have control over who you include.


The Officiant


When wedding planning, there tends to be so much focus on the reception that the actual ceremony is an afterthought. It’s important to remember that you’re getting married to commit yourself to your significant other, not have a big party. With that in mind, you need to pay some attention to who will be the one to perform the ceremony. If you want something like in Friends, where someone close to you acts as your minister, you need to do some research and look into your states marriage laws. After all, you do want to be legally married on your wedding day!


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