Don’t Be Afraid of Dancing Between Courses!

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All the information you need to pull off the dancing between courses schedule at your wedding

Don’t Be Afraid of Dancing Between Courses!

Looking for a unique way to jump-start your wedding? The dancing between courses schedule will get your party started right away. Many venues and couples are afraid to use this schedule for their wedding, but once you understand it, you’ll see the huge advantage it adds to the flow and energy of your wedding schedule.

This article will help guide you through how dancing between courses works, and how you can keep the momentum going throughout the evening at your wedding.

The Way a Dancing Between Courses Schedule Works

As your guests walk into the room, the full orchestra will be playing upbeat music like Stevie Wonder, Sinatra, or R&B to get your guests in a great mood. When the bridal party is introduced, followed by the two of you, instead of being seated, you go directly to the dance floor where you’ll do your cake cutting. Then, you’ll go into your first dance, followed by the father/daughter and mother/son dances. The rest of your guests will then be invited to dance for a few songs.

Next, everyone will be asked to be seated, followed by a welcome toast given by the father of the bride, a blessing over the meal, and the serving of the salad. Once the salad is served to the guests, you’ll have your toasts. As an option, the guests can be invited to dance while the wait staff clears plates and the main course is prepared.

Once the main course is ready, they will let us know, and the guests will once again be asked to return to their seats to be served. Now, you’ve finished all the formalities for your wedding. As you and your fiancé give your toast thanking your guests, you can simply invite everyone to join you on the dance floor, and you’ll have 3 or more hours of uninterrupted dancing.  

The Advantages 
  • Creates energy in the room from the moment the guests arrive.
  • Takes care of all formal dances.
  • Gets your guests up and dancing right away.
  • Keeps the energy going between the end of salads and the serving of your main course.
  • If a toast runs long, it doesn’t matter, because your guests have already been up and dancing.
  • If the food service runs long, it doesn’t matter, because your guests haven’t been sitting all night.
  • All of the formalities of your wedding will be done by the end of dinner.

We hope you found this article about dancing between courses to be helpful. Be sure to watch the video we created, which helps explain the dancing between courses format. Once again, don’t be afraid of using this schedule. It is especially helpful with large weddings of over 150 guests. It is a great insurance policy that your wedding will be set up for success!

Be sure to consider the dancing between courses schedule as a great option for your big day!

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