Wedding Bands are Better than Club Bands

There is a huge difference between a wedding band and club band. Even if they are your all time favorite band and you are best friends with the singer.

Bands that play in clubs:

1.  WON’T: Play the music YOU want them to play.

2.  WON’T: Know how make introductions.

3.  WON’T: Play music designed for dancing.

4.  WON’T: Know how to read a crowd to decide what to play next.

5.  WON’T: Always arrive on time.

6.  WON’T: Be professionally dressed. Random suits instead of tux.

7.  WON’T: Transition from song to song to keep your dance floor packed.

8.  WON’T: Help out with coordinating your wedding vendors.

9.  WON’T: Learn songs not in the current repertoire.

10.  WON’T: Be able to provide background music for cocktails/dinner.

A Professional Wedding Band, like David Rothstein Music:

1.  WILL:  Play and learn any requests you have with a full time arranger.

2.  WILL:  Includes a professional Emcee to make all announcements.

3.  WILL:  Reads a crowd to what would be the perfect to play next.

4.  WILL:  Be professionally dressed in tuxedo.

5.  WILL:  Transitions from song to song to keep your dance floor full.

6.  WILL:  Coordinate all your wedding vendors.

7.  WILL:  All musicians are required to arrive 30 minutes early.

8.  WILL:  Professional Sound System set up/tested 2 hours early.

9.  WILL:  Provide you with perfect background music for cocktails/dinner.

10.  WILL:  Offer you 6 ensembles for your ceremony music.

Bands that sound great in clubs are great for that setting, but to perform for your wedding requires much more than just playing music. Don’t find this out when your guests are leaving and your dance floor is empty. Leave your wedding to the professionals. Go out and enjoy your favorite band at your favorite club, just don’t use them at your wedding!

Feel free to ask any questions. I welcome your comments. Let me know if you have any ideas for topics on future Blogs.

Best Wishes,

David Rothstein

David Rothstein Music, Inc