Wedding planning tips for the introvert couple

Unless eloping is an option, then your wedding day can feel like a nightmare when you are an introvert, even if, at the back of your mind you know, that you are going through the whole affair because you want to spend the rest of your days with the one you love. It comes with the occasion that the people around you will want to make this day all about you because they mean well.

Rather than stressing out and giving in by being uncharacteristically sociable (and so uncomfortable) try turning your wedding into an introvert’s haven by making it work for you. From the venue to the photographer, the music and doing away with overdone traditions, here are some ways you can have the wedding of your dreams, while staying true to your personality.

Don’t do anything you don’t want to do

Sounds obvious but this cardinal rule is often thrown out of the window. Couples are often pressured into doing certain things because everyone expects them to, like the first dance and having the bride walk down the aisle. You might be an introvert but don’t let anyone think you are not confident.

If you are dreading walking down the aisle, then don’t, and instead come out from the side with your partner. If it’s the first dance that is stressing you out, then prepare your friends and family beforehand to join you on the dancefloor. Whatever it is, whether it’s the speech, the throwing of the bouquet, or other traditional wedding moments, if you are dreading something, simply take it off the table.


Make the wedding venue the center of attention

A sneaky way to remove the focus from you and still manage to create a memorable day is by turning everyone’s attention to the venue. You can go for a destination wedding by bringing your guests on a stunning beach in the Maldives or you can bring the party to the cliffs overlooking a scene-stealing view. If you want to stay close to home, then create a dreamy atmosphere that will get people talking about something other than you. Find an expert who can help you turn your venue into magic or put on your Pinterest research cap and start pinning for inspiration.

Make it a cozy affair during dinner

Whether you have 50 or 200 guests, turn the party into a cozy affair with the seating arrangement. Ditch the sweetheart table, where you are the center of attention, and instead go for long tables, so you will feel part of the crowd. With this arrangement, you will be more comfortable going around the other tables to greet your guests.


Invest in a great band

Being the life of the party is not appealing to introverts but all weddings need someone to bring it to life and what better source to do this than your band? Finding musicians with soul, who are confident and will get even the most stubborn of your guests to take a swing on the dance floor, means the pressure to keep the party going is not on you. Get a band that plays more than mere tributes; one that will create the atmosphere and energy during the party, so you won’t have to.

Choose the right photographer and videographer

On this day, you want someone to capture the most intimate moments but without them having to scream directions at you, especially if there are a hundred people looking at you. Find professionals who will blend with the crowd and capture the most beautiful moments of your wedding day, without you having to pose and force a smile when there is no need to.

We can forget to make ourselves happy on our wedding day, especially when everyone starts putting their expectations in our planning. While weddings are usually a family affair and you will find yourself doing things to make some people happy, at the end of the day, you don’t want to look back on this day and cringe at the thought of having done something embarrassing, simply because everyone else does on their wedding day.

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