Best and worst ideas for Wedding transportation

Bride and groom with classic car

Congratulations! You just got married, and it’s off to the reception for the big party! Now, how are you getting there? It’s your wedding, so you don’t want to roll up to the party in your normal car. There are a lot of different options for wedding transportation, some standard like convertibles and some unexpected like tractors. The folks at David Rothstein Music have come up with this list of the best and worst ideas for wedding transportation:


Party bus


If you are ready to immediately get the party started after the ceremony, look no further than a party bus. Let your whole bridal party ride with you, and you guys can pop champagne and toast to your nuptials. Party buses come in all styles with multiple features. You can ride to your wedding with some cool neon and black lights, or have a disco ball hanging from the ceiling. A party bus will start the reception off on the right foot and get everyone in the mood for a good time!



Nothing is more perfect for a traditional wedding than a limo. A limo is fancy, but not too fancy. Perfect for the couple looking to not spend too much on transportation. The standard rate for renting the basic limo is around $100-$150 an hour.

No one will think a limo is tacky either. Just go with the classic black or white design, and you’ll arrive to your wedding in style

Vintage or classic car


This one is for the car enthusiast couple. Nothing will look more elegant than you and your significant other rolling up to the reception in an old style car. Which car is the best to choose? Well, that is really a matter of opinion. Here are some slick options:

    • A Ford Thunderbird
    • A 1920’s era car (For a vintage wedding)
    • Volkswagen Bug
  • Aston Martin

Tasteful and to put it simply… pretty damn cool


School bus


Some couples have used school buses to get to their weddings. These can be fun, but buses are a lot to manage. You need a licensed driver, a place to park it and enough people to fill it up. Not many places rent school buses for weddings, so finding a vendor will be difficult. If you are only going to be riding it for a short time, it is probably not worth it to rent a school bus for your wedding.



A bicycle may seem like a cute way to get to your reception, but the groom will have a much easier time riding it than the bride. Imagine it ladies, pedaling while also trying to not get the tulle of your dress tangled up in the gears. Plus, you and your partner will be wearing nice clothes, and you probably don’t want to get them all sweaty before the party. If you want to ride something like a bike, try a vespa– much more stylish and classy.

Paddle boarding

Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 12.13.19 AM

It may seem obvious to not head to your reception over water, but couples have paddle boarded on their big day.

The only time I would recommend paddle boarding to your reception is if you and your partner are professional paddle boarders and are wearing the right equipment. If you choose to get out of your dress and slip on a wetsuit, more power to you. I would NOT recommend wearing your wedding dress and paddle boarding, satin and salt water don’t mix.

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