Why is a Separate Emcee Such an Advantage?


Every wedding includes a great deal of activities from introductions, to toasts, to all your formal dances. It is important to have all of those activities clearly announced by an experienced emcee.

All bands have somebody who does this, what makes David Rothstein Music stand out among other Chicago Wedding Bands, is that even though David is an experienced bass player, we actually give our clients another person to play bass so David is 100% available to act purely as the emcee.

Since he doesn’t have to worry about playing music or having to stay on the bandstand, he is able to make announcements from anywhere in the room at any time. He is also available to work directly with your photographer, video person, caterer, wedding planner and, most of all, be available to speak directly with the bride and groom before making any announcements.

The average emcee for a Chicago Wedding Band will look at a piece of paper, see it’s 7 o’clock, and announce the bridal party. David, however, will line up everyone in the bridal party, confirm the pronunciation of all the names and make sure the photographer and videographer are in place and ready to go before the announcements.

With this format, the couple will receive better quality photos, videos and have peace of mind knowing that everyone will be in the right place at the right time. We hear stories all the time from photographers and videographers about having to catch up when they hear announcements being made and they’re not prepared. Our Chicago Wedding Band goes out of the way to make sure all the vendors are working together to get the best results for the couple.

For example, if the bride has a question, she doesn’t have to flag down the drummer who is playing a song with the band, or interrupt the vocalist who is singing a love song. She can simply walk over to David who is usually standing nearby, and ask him directly while the Chicago Wedding Band plays and the guests dance.

Having a separate emcee is a huge advantage for anyone looking for a great Chicago Wedding Band for their big day.