Why We Believe Love is Love

DRS Music Love is Love

David Rothstein Music has always been a huge supporter of the “Love is Love” philosophy. We’re all about doing everything we can to help people celebrate their love, regardless of their sexual orientation, religion, age, or ethnicity. We’ll always be advocates of all forms of love!

Love is non-discriminatory, and so are we.

In June, millions of people across the world came together to celebrate LGBTQ+ Pride. Pride Month in our hometown of Chicago featured over a hundred different events organized and coordinated by different social, cultural, athletic and political communities, organizations, groups and individuals. We’ve always been advocates of the LGBTQ+ community, and have performed dozens of same-sex weddings since we started 20 years ago.

To us, weddings are about two people in love. Period. Without any need for labels or descriptions, we are all about celebrating the lives of two people getting married.

One of the things that truly sets us apart from other wedding bands is our steadfast commitment to capturing our clients’ vision. Personality is a key component of what makes a great Chicago wedding band, and it is a huge priority for us. Some Chicago wedding bands simply aren’t willing to go that extra mile for you. By always taking the time to listen and ask the right questions, we are completely invested in creating a unique, personal and inclusive atmosphere at your wedding.

We feel so lucky to be part of a city of such diversity and spirit, and our dedication to the “Love is Love” philosophy is an important aspect of what makes us a great Chicago wedding band. We are an amazing band with a huge heart, who will always be devoted to the idea that love is love.

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