What Makes a Great Wedding Band? Tips on Choosing the Right Band

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All the information you need on how to choose the perfect wedding band!

What Makes a Great Wedding Band? Tips on Choosing the Right Band

When it comes to planning your wedding, it’s hard not to obsess over every worst case scenario. You’ll spend months finding the perfect dress, the perfect venue, and the ideal date. There are so many Chicago wedding bands out there. But booking the perfect Chicago wedding band can be a real make-or-break decision in the success of your wedding. So, how do you make sure you book the right one?

Here are a few things every great Chicago wedding band will have. Look for these in your wedding band to make sure the music at your wedding helps make your moment memorable:


A great wedding band will offer something beyond their ability: they should have the power to translate your vision into a packed dance floor.

If you want to make sure a band will be able to energize and interact with your guests, a good indication is communication. Does the band listen to your requests with enthusiasm? Do they take the time to really understand you as a couple, and the vision you share for your wedding?

If so, chances are they’ll be able to read the crowd and adjust quickly to how your guests are reacting. You want a band that can not only learn to play your songs, but will also know the perfect time to play them. The ability to play the perfect song at the perfect time is crucial to keeping your dance floor packed throughout the night.



If you have good communication with your band, they should be able to read the room. But make sure that awareness is put to good use. The band is there to help you share your celebration, not just to blend into the background.

The best bands have a wide variety of music they can play to keep the whole room dancing, not just your friends. A great wedding band should be able to play anything from Sinatra to the Top 40. If you have 200 guests at your wedding, a great wedding band will keep all 200 guests there at the last note.



All great wedding bands are able to adapt quickly to what’s happening on your dance floor at any time. They may have a pre-arranged set list, but they have to be able to read the crowd and quickly adjust to what the crowd wants.

This could apply to musical styles, tempos or particular artists that people seem to like or dislike. If a band is playing their favorite song, but nobody is dancing, does it really matter? The answer is no. You want a band that will be able to drop their egos, and adjust to the needs of that particular crowd that particular night.



In addition to great music, you should look for a band that is supported by a full organization. They must be able to keep track of all the logistics for the event, as well as be able to work with you on your wedding schedule.

Every great wedding band must give you peace of mind that everything is being taken care of. At your wedding, you don’t want to have to worry about anything. You just want to enjoy your big day with each other, and with your guests. Cheaper bands likely won’t have the infrastructure to be able to take care of your toasts and introductions, or be able to work with your wedding vendors.

A great wedding band should simplify things for you, not add more responsibilities to your plate. Make sure you trust the band’s organization as much as their ability.



In addition to the music, it’s important that you connect to the personality of their band leader and what their company represents. They should truly care about the specific needs of you and your wedding.

The cheaper groups will see you as a random date on their calendar, but the best wedding bands will go above and beyond to make sure your wedding is organized, true-to-self, and successful, as well as incredibly fun and inclusive.


Hopefully these tips will help you narrow down your options for potential Chicago wedding bands to one that is versatile, adaptable, organized, professional, and fits the personality of you and you crowd.

If a wedding band fits these criteria, your wedding will be in great hands.


Want to book a band guaranteed to exceed these important markers of a good wedding band? Learn more about David Rothstein Music’s uniquely personal approach.

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