Will you learn a new song ?

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We welcome your requests. Jeff Sanders is our music director and arranger. Just give us the song titles as soon as you know them, and we’ll have them ready for your Chicago Wedding. Not all Chicago wedding bands want to learn new songs, they’d rather just play the same stuff every week over and over again. This is YOUR Chicago wedding, you’re not just another date on a calendar.

It’s important that the music you choose reflects your style and songs you love. If there are specific songs that are meaningful to you both, your parents, grandparents, even your sorority sisters, we want to know.  If you are doing choreography for your first dance, please give us a copy of the exact recording you are practicing to. This way we can match the exact length and tempo of the song.

If you have someone who would like to sing a song with the band, we will need to know this in advance so we can be prepared. Having a guest sing can be a huge hit or a party killer. If we have the music prepared, you have a much better chance of creating a special memory for all your guests.

If there is any particular ethnicity for either of your families let us know. A well placed Polka can be a terrific addition to your Polish Chicago Wedding. A few years ago, we learned 3 Korean pop songs for wedding. The bride and groom were thrilled and a bit surprised, since it was an Italian Wedding! Just Kidding…Everyone loved the extra effort we made.

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Selecting the music is the most important parts of making guests feel loved. Spend some time thinking about what song would be meaningful to particular guests. They’ll love you for it! Remember it’s YOUR Chicago Wedding. Work with your Chicago Wedding Band to make sure he knows that and is willing to make the extra effort for you!

Feel free to ask any questions. I welcome your comments. Let me know if you have any ideas for topics on future Blogs.

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Best Wishes,

David Rothstein

David Rothstein Music, Inc