Advice for Making Your Wedding One to Remember

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Everyone hopes that their wedding will be enjoyable, but there are ways that you can make it even more memorable for years to come.


Here we list five ways to make your wedding more memorable.


  1. Involve the guests

We all remember our own weddings because they are such an important life moment, and also because we have planned all the small details. You can apply this principle to make a truly standout day for your guests, too, by involving them in different ways.


Your bridesmaids can help with planning, the bachelorette, choosing dresses, and helping things run smoothly on the day. Your groomsmen can aid the bridesmaids and calm the nerves of the groom! Your parents can help advise on setup, food, drink, and entertainment. But what about the wider group of wedding guests? One of the best ways to make them feel involved in your special day is to ask them to contribute requests for the band or DJ. Doing this will let them know how much you want them to be there, and it can be a way of celebrating special moments in your relationship – as well as getting some guaranteed floor-fillers!

  1. Match your theme to your music…

Some of the most memorable weddings include excellent music and entertainment. If you have planned a theme, then choose a local Chicago wedding band or ensemble to reflect it. For example, a rustic-style wedding would be well complemented by a country group, and an urban wedding would be complemented by a jazz band.

  1. …But change it up

Don’t be restricted to one style or form of entertainment. Even if you do choose a band, they may not be able to play all night. Think about entertainment and music for pre-dinner drinks – a magician might be a nice touch, or you could choose dancers or a classical ensemble. You can then move on to something more high energy later in the evening. Think about the flow of the day, and change it up to create moments of surprise that are memorable!


  1. Say thanks

Calling out all the people who have helped plan and make your wedding day will bring a smile to everyone’s face. You could even give gifts to say thank you – a lasting reminder of the day.


  1. Think about your guests’ needs

If you take a moment to be thoughtful about your guests’ needs and pain points, your day will be memorable in the right ways. For example, what will you do for that moment just after the ceremony and before the main meal when your guests are hungry? How will you make it easier for them to get to the reception venue, particularly if they have to get there from the wedding venue? Consider shortening the distance between venues – this will be more convenient for your guests, and also reduce your wedding’s overall carbon footprint. And could you add elements of fun, like a treasure map or a snack to help them on their way? And how about that moment late in the evening when your feet are hurting like never before, but you still want to keep dancing? We’ve seen some weddings provide slippers so their guests can keep on going!

Making your wedding one to remember is really about the little details that deliver thoughtfulness, emotion… and fun!



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